Spoilers — 23rd August 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Janmashtami celebrations are in full swing. A little girl climbs the human pyramid to break the dahi handi. Rajni gets to know there is bomb planted in the dahi handi. The strong wind blows and matki turns over. The bomb lands in Rajni’s hand and she runs away with it. Rajni got a chance to show her robotic skills. Rajni gets responsibility to save the people and fulfills all duty well. Everyone gets saved. Rajni saves everyone yet again. The girl breaks the matki and everyone dance together to express their happiness.


Rishi meets the old woman, who signs him about Tanu’s return. Rishi was feeling Tanu’s presence around him. the old lady confirms to him that Tanu has come back in his life. Rishi gets a big shock.

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Siya Ke Ram

Thapki Pyaar Ki



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