Spoilers 22nd January 2020

Bahu Begum:
Just as Noor and Azaan are about to start their new life after love confession. Shayra returns in their lives. There is confusion at her identity, as Noor has claimed that Shayra is dead and she had buried her body in the grave. Shayra tells that she is alive. Noor confesses that they didn’t get Shayra’s body, but lied to take Azaan out of the trauma. The show is soon going to end. Whom Azaan will choose as his life partner? Keep reading.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki tells the family that she doesn’t have any solid reason to become the CM. Tunne tells her that the reason is she shouldn’t let Ganga become the CM. Abhimanyu tells that she has the talent to handle the people and win the votes. Nimki agrees to contest. She tells that she won’t let Ganga become CM. They are glad. Ganga and Mishra make fun of Nimki. Nahar Singh meets them. Ganga tells that he would be feeling bad that she is joking about Nimki. Nahar asks her to give a good ministry to Nimki.

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