Spoilers 22nd January 2019 Revised

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi:
Satya Devi gets Samar arrested. He lands behind bars because of Satya’s new move. She traps him in a fraud case. Samar knows Satya’s plans and acts relieved and calm. He wants to expose her drama. He is sure that he can end her evil thinking some day by being positive. She asks him to divorce Jaya if he wants to get out of the jail. Samar tears the papers. He tells her that he will never leave from Jaya’s life.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham and Murari fall in new trouble. The entire family get to know about the cake man. The cake man throws cake at the men who talk to women. Pancham talks to Ilaychi and gets hit by the cake. When Murari talks to Sunita, he also gets to bite the cake. Karuna asks Murari not to talk to any stranger woman again. Pancham fails to break Ilaychi’s alliance with someone. He backbites about Ilaychi, but the guy finds everything positive about Ilaychi. Murari likes the guy and his richness.

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