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Rajvir creates troubles for Aditya and Zoya. He kidnaps Zoya during the Eid celebrations. He learns that Zoya is scared of water. He shuts Zoya in the water tank. He informs Aditya that he has locked up Zoya in the water tank and her breath is falling flat with time. He tells Aditya that he has fixed a bomb at his house. He asks Aditya to either save Zoya or his family. Aditya has to rush and save Zoya and family. He finds it hard to decide. Aditya and Zoya fall in big trouble. Rajvir says till your family dances, their will be able to live, once they stop, they will be dying. He puts Aditya into this tricky situation. Rajbir says its a game of few minutes and very soon you will receive a big shock. Aditya runs to save Zoya.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets angry on Zara after the Shairah board decision. The media gets praising Zara for understanding their religion and taking a stand for women. Zara gets an award from the Shariah board. The media arrives to take Zara’s interview. Kabeer creates a scene and gets angry on Zara. He doesn’t understand that Zara had good intentions. Reporter upsets Kabeer by the taunts. Zara too doesn’t like that. Kabeer feels the reporter was insulting him in front of the family. He loses his cool.

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