Spoilers 21st February 2020

Shubh Aarambh:

Rani realizes that the family is sweetly manipulating Raja by playing mind games with him according to his beliefs. Raja gets much influenced by his uncle. Rani wishes Raja to go to the shop and handle work. Raja wants to accompany his uncle and help. He has taken the decision to not visit the shop for a year, because of the blind beliefs of his uncle and aunt. Rani wants to find some way to end the blind beliefs from Raja’s mind. She gets help from Gita. She gets to see a diary, which can help her in her goals. His uncle and aunt try to stop Rani from showing the diary.


Heer believes Shanno as her good wisher. Shanno asks her to attend the college and not feel guilty, since everyone makes friends in college life. She wants Heer to fall in love and then get a heartbreak, when she will know that she is a kinner. Shanno wishes the worst for Heer. Heer doesn’t want to tell her brothers that she likes Virat. She decides to propose him, by hiding it from everyone.

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