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Soumya’s courage breaks down by Kareena’s taunts. Soumya does the tough puja for Harman’s life. She wants to save Harman from danger. She wants to see Harman fine. She feels sorry that her mistake has put Harman’s life in danger. Soumya wants Harman to regain consciousness. Soumya bears the troubles. Chintu accompanies her to the temple. He removes the thorn from her feet. He gets angry when Raveena and Kareena insult Soumya. He takes a stick and asks them to leave, else he will beat them. Soumya stops Chintu. Soumya completes the puja. She repents for hurting Harman’s heart.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren apologizes to Pooja. He tells her that he is really sorry from the bottom of his heart. Naren and Pooja set their room like before. He helps her in unpacking her bags. They have a moment. Naren gets on his knees and feels sorry for his hatred. He wins Pooja’s forgiveness. He punishes himself by getting blindfold. Pooja can’t believe Naren’s love. They decorate the room together. She still doubts on him. She was waiting for this phase. She is not satisfied. She wants to know how Naren changed so much. Naren is ready to go to any extreme to make her belief that he is not cheating her, its really true. He makes Pooja feed Supriya.

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  1. Everyone know abt shivika plan.. because when murder takes place , there is no blood on Anika,

    There is no tense in the family members after Anika missing

    I think all call the fake reporters and police..

    Thank God they relieved us from dragging any the dead plot..

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