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Roop is working hard on Shamsher’s orders. Shamsher gives fitness training to Roop and Ranvir. He makes the boys race and defeat each other. Ranvir is always ahead of Roop. Shamsher wants Roop to become a police officer like him. He wants Roop to defeat Ranvir in the race. Ranvir also wants to become a cop and impress Shamsher. He wants more importance in the family. Shamsher wants his son to make him proud. He doesn’t want Roop to follow his mother and sisters. He is fed up with Roop’s different mindset. Roop is doing everything to keep Shamsher’s heart. He wants to do whatever he likes.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer tells Zara that she has won Abida’s case, but she doesn’t see her relations or marriage, she is self-centric, she just thinks for herself. He vents out his anger on her once again. She asks him to better divorce her and end the chapter forever. He doesn’t want to follow her instructions. She doesn’t care for the society like he does. She doesn’t want anyone to judge her. She asks Kabeer not to get compelled with anyone’s word. They have a row again. He says you feel you can never commit any mistake, you just love yourself, not anyone else, you don’t care for me and our relations, you can’t see your duties and responsibilities, you just want everyone to praise you.

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