Spoilers 20th April 2019

Gayatri gets blackmailed by Kajal. She is asked to take Muskaan’s big test. Gayatri asks Muskaan if she really loves her and regards her mother. Gayatru melts down after hearing Muskaan’s lovely speech in the party. Kajal threatens Gayatri of killing the family. She forces Gayatri to ruin the party. Gayatri obeys Kajal. She asks Muskaan to shoot herself and die, if she wants to give lifelong happiness to her. Muskaan tells Gayatri that she loves her a lot and will fulfill her request. Ronak gets a huge shock seeing Gayatri’s mad rage. He stops Muskaan from taking the wrong step.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke:
Rajshri feels Naman is greedy for money and can do anything to Mishti. She feels they should get Mishti married off soon, so that Rajvansh family becomes her protectors. Vishwamber asks Rajshri not to worry, since they can also protect Mishti forever. Abir invites the family for Ketki’s marriage.

Aapke Aa Jane Se


Kulfi Kumar

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