Spoilers 1st September 2018

Savitri Devi:

Anand becomes Naintara’s target. He faces death when the spirit poisons him. Anand finds difficult to survive. Veer and Sanchi get possessed by Naintara, who has the capabilities to capture their minds and take their forms as well. Veer doesn’t help Anand since he slips in Naintara’s control. Sanchi finds Anand missing in the OT. She looks for him everywhere and wonders who has shifted him to the ward, when he is so critical. Gayatri asks Sanchi not to joke about Anand, as she has herself shifted Anand. Sanchi gets clueless about Anand. She denies to know about Anand’s whereabouts.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara succeed in finding the real culprit. Zara follows Zafar, unaware that he is actually Miraj. Miraj sees her and knows she is following him. He makes Zara reach the parking lot so that he can kill her at the isolated area. Zara realizes that Zafar is Nilofer is the murderer. She informs Kabeer about Zafar. He tells her that Zafar is right in front of him, that would be some other person. She thinks maybe she is following the wrong person. Miraj takes disguise of a woman and dons a Burqa. Miraj hides from them and makes a leave. Kabeer and Zara stay strong to solve their life’s problems.

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Bepannah and Silsila


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