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Jiji Maa:

Vidhaan and Niyati face a bad time. Niyati tells Falguni that she will divorce Vidhaan. Falguni tries to save Niyati’s marriage. She tells Uttara that she will not let Chiku go to police station, she isn’t an orphan, she will find her parents. Falguni finds Chiku’s mum and asks her to tell the truth, who is Chiku’s father. Vidhaan says I don’t know even this woman. The lady Shreya gives them a shock and blames Suyash. She tells Falguni that Suyash is Chiku’s father, Suyash was her college mate and they had much friendship. Falguni doesn’t believe this and scolds Shreya for lying.


Ishika splashes water on Roop’s face and asks how dare you to spread fake rumors about my family. Roop says he respects family whoever it is, and says he will prove his innocence to her. Shamsher asks Roop what to answer to Jigna’s husband and asks him to say. Roop attends the call and says Jigna will go to her sasural. Jigna gets upset. Roop puts forth a condition before Shamsher shockingly.

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Jiji Maa

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