Spoilers 19th January 2019

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar falls in Zeenat’s words and pushes Zara off the balcony. Zara falls down the balcony and hangs down. She asks Ruksar not to hurt her. Ruksar scolds her for hurting her. She gets flashes of her past and recalls her enmity with Zara. She has pushed Zara down. She finds Zara hanging down and throws flowers pot at her to make her fall. Ruksar is blindly believing Zeenat. Zeenat is taking advantage of Ruksar’s kiddish state. Zara shouts for help. The people see Zara hanging down.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:

Satya frames Samar and tells Jaya that Samar is trying to kill her. Samar was just scaring Satya to make her admit the truth. Satya lays the trap and backfires Samar’s plan. She asks Jaya to save her from Samar. She wants her to call the police. Samar tells them that its a family matter, they don’t need to call the police. Jaya scolds Samar for taking her mum’s life. She asks him how can he plot such a crime. She didn’t imagine Samar will have such enmity with Satya. She asks Samar to see Satya’s state, she can’t even walk.

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