Spoilers – 18th May 2015

Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha talks to Sinha about Hari’s bail and comes to know about some complications there. She faints by getting tensed. The daughters take care of her. Sneha tells them that she has to leave for Mumbai soon and calls up Rudra. She asks Rudra to take the girls to his home and they have to vacate the home too.


Sooraj performs well in the team selection camp. Some guys get jealous seeing his good performance and try to get him disqualified. A guy gets friendly with Sooraj and asks about his marriage, family and age. Sooraj tells his real age and the guy informs Aditi about Sooraj being 34 years old, who would not be able to do well in Kabaddi match.

Gulmohar Grand:

Neil is still living in guilt as he could not save a girl’s life and failed in doing his duty. He confides in Anirudh and says he will not let this second chance go, as everyone does not get it easily. A serial killer twist is brought up. A mysterious guy enters the hotel and is a complete charmer. He is known to make woman fall in love with him and then kill them in my unique way.

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