Spoilers 18th December 2019

Vivek takes a disguise to expose Vidya’s would be groom’s truth. He wants to expose Nanku Singh’s plan. He learns that Dharma is also hired by Nanku. He can’t believe that Dharma is also involved. He realizes how Dharma faked the illness to convince Vidya for remarriage. Vidya didn’t believe Vivek. He now wants to expose Sandeep and Dharma’s plan so that the marriage breaks. Sandeep, Mohan and Bablu get angered on Vivek’s new avatar Toofan. Vivek really creates a stir as per his avatar. He leaves Vidya confused.

Maya takes care of her mum, who asks her to believe in positive people and forget the bitter past. Maya doesn’t think of it. She watches Rishi’s threatening suicide video. She wants to meet him. Rishi meets her and decides to propose for marriage. She influences him against his family. He accepts that he loves her and will do everything on her command. He promises to support her. Maya accepts his proposal to move on in her plan.

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Kulfi KB

kasauti ZK

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Kahaan HKT

Nimki V

Kumkum Bhagya



Kundali Bhagya


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