Spoilers 18th April 2017

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Shivay and Anika’s romance will be seen. Anika understands he loves her, and is not able to express his love. She tells him that she can help him and state what he feels about her. She speaks from his side, and expresses love for her which lies in his heart. Shivay turns shy hearing her. She provokes him to speak up. Shivay and Anika have a romantic moment. He gets silent and makes his gestures speak volumes.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti gets Shivam and Aarti married. She asks Kaushalya to accept Aarti as bahu and bless her. She says you got a good bahu. Kaushalya says my fate is bad that she has become my bahu, I will never accept her as my bahu. Shanti says you have to accept her. Kaushalya says no, I can’t listen to you this time. Aarti fears on the relations changing after the marriage.

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  1. Shagun changed for the better why couldn’t they do the same with Ashok or is his sole purpose only in destroying the lifes of other people. You can have rivals in a series but that doesn’t always mean you have to ruin the reputation of your opponent. if i was in charge of directing yhm i would have immediately killed off ashok . Then focusing more on the relationships within families. But what they now have done is filling the show with nonsensical plotlines and over the top melodrama.

  2. azuka nkwonta

    I wish to say that yhm should not keep repeating the same marriage drama that they use to create all the time. The marriage drama of mihinka and minhi and Ashok with shagun which ended up separating mihinka and minhi the same thing with Ashok and shagun. They should not do this with Adi and aaliyah’s marriage which I think they are trying to do with the recent development in the series. I think that Ashok ‘s part in this serial is becoming very annoying.He should have been the one to die instead of vandu. He punishes Raman alot and creates alot of repetition in the series.
    Adi should marry aaliyah if this serial should make sense.He should come out of that forced marriage in order to create less repetition in the serial.That’s all I have for now

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