Spoilers 17th November 2020


The guard informs Manish that he lost the gun. Manish scolds the guard knowing the gun was loaded. Krish plays with the gun. Vansh also wants to play with it. Naira reaches them, but doesn’t see the gun with him. The kids convincingly lie to Naira and send her away. Naira leaves Akshara with the kids. Vansh plays with the gun after Naira leaves.

He points the gun at Akshara. Kairav wants Vansh to move the gun away. Manish doesn’t think they need to inform the family about the gun. Naira hears the gunshot. She runs to see the kids. She finds Akshara sleeping safely. She takes Akshara with her. The kids get scared. Kartik tells them that its a fake gun with him, he was scaring them.




Shaadi M


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