Spoilers 17th June 2017


Sita competes with Sameera in Rajkot beauty contest. Sita looks much beautiful. Sameera gets insecure seeing Sia. Sameera thinks to cheat and win. Gopi and Kokila pray for Sita, while seeing the beauty contest live telecast in the jail. Sameera tries to make Sita fall down to make her hurt. Sita falls in Ricky’s arms. Sameera’s catwalk spoils. Ricky holds Sita, while Sameera falls. Sameera tries to give her best in the second round, presenting her thoughts well about women. She thinks Sita will not win the contest, not being able to match up to her.

Sasural Simar Ka:

A thief catches Ananya at the point of the knife. He asks Aarav and everyone to stay away. He threatens them and wants to take everything he robbed. Simar uses her smartness. She flashes the mirror light on the thief and troubles him. The thief gets caught by Aarav. The thief manages to run away. Ananya tells everyone that Roshni has called this fridge mechanic, she did not check the ID and gave entry inside the house. Roshni apologizes to Ananya. Ananya says a small sorry won’t help, my life was in risk, Roshni should have common sense and not risk other’s life.

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