Spoilers 17th January 2018 Revised

Laado 2:

Anushka raises her voice in the court. She fights Jhanvi’s case. She wants to get justice for Jhanvi. She tries to prove the accused Rantej guilty. She tells Yuvraaj that she is a qualified lawyer, and she knows best about the case. She summons Rantej and his friends. She questions Rantej to prove him wrong. Anushka tells the court about Jhanvi. She gets emotional. She proves that Rantej disrespects women. She calls the guest house manager to prove her word. The manager withdraws support. He changes his statement in Rantej’s favor. Anushka finds manipulations around. She wants to get the culprits punished at any cost.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Vin deeply regrets his doings against Siddhi. He thinks of the tortures done and feels guilty. Vin falls in risk in order to save Siddhi. She couldn’t believe he could change so soon. Vin’s change gets acknowledged by her. He frees her from the contract and asks her to go home. Siddhi refuses to leave. She wants to complete her work on time. Vin worries when his parents return home. He is sure that Siddhi will recognize his parents and know his identity. He gets prepared to face her hatred.

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