Spoilers 17th February 2019

Krishna Chali London:
Veer and Krishna fall in big trouble when they realize that they are trapped. They realize that the lady isn’t dead and her life is in danger. The village men want Veer to produce the death certificate of the lady who isn’t dead yet, and is about to get killed. Veer can’t see a murder happening in front of him. When he takes a step to protect a life, he falls in trouble.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Arya gets a scholarship to study in the US. Guddu doesn’t want to support Arya’s studies. Sahil and Vedika try to solve the matter. Vedika asks Arya not to go abroad and focus on her family. Sahil supports Arya like always. They argue because of their different opinions. Ved gets upset seeing their argument. He locks up Sahil and Vedika inside the room so that they can sort their issues. Sahil and Vedika get into a cute moment while they stay locked together.

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