Spoilers 16th December 2018

Internet Wala Love:

Jai and Aadhya have become great friends. They are much interested in each other’s lives. Jai tries to keep Aadhya away from all the problems. Jai tells his friends that he feels like Aadhya is in love with a guy. He wants to know who is Aadhya’s love interest. He is upset that Aadhya has not told him about the new guy. He wonders when did she get time to meet the guy and know him. Jai gets talking rubbish and complains about Aadhya a lot. His friends get bored and get down the car. They feel Aadhya loves Jai.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash and Vidhaan get against each other for the sake of baby. They fight for the first time. Vidhaan thinks Falguni has cheated him by stealing the baby. Suyash and Falguni return to the family after much problems. Suyash stops Vidhaan from blaming Falguni. He tells Vidhaan that they aren’t snatching the baby. Suyash gets angry and defends his wife, who is a great sacrificing figure.

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