Spoilers 15th October 2020


Kumkum B:
Rhea tells Pragya that Meera took her mom’s place. Pragya asks her to think good of her mom’s love, since her dad loves her a lot. Rhea tells that her mom left her dad too, she never came back, because she doesn’t love them. Pragya is sure that her mom would be waiting for the right time. Rhea asks what about the lonely daughter. She tells the moments when she missed her mom in her life. She breaks down. Pragya realizes her pain and feels sorry. Pragya tells Rhea that her mom would love her, she would be helpless to get away, she would still long for her. Rhea doesn’t want to trust Pragya. Pragya realizes that Rhea hates her mom.




Barister Babu


Kundali B

Kumkum B

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