Spoilers 15th January 2019 Revised

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Mishri learns Kunika’s cheap plans to get close to Akhilesh and compel him for an early marriage. Mishri fails Kunika’s plans. Kunika leaves from the house, while Akhilesh gets troubled by the heavy dose of pills given by Kunika. Mishri calls up Ira knowing just she can cure Akhilesh in this state. Mishri doesn’t speak to Ira, since she is hiding the fact that she is with Akhilesh at his home. Ira gets Akhilesh’s call who wants her help. Ira rushes to him to help him. She meets Akhilesh once again and treats him. Akhilesh under the effect of pills loses his senses and gets closer to Ira. They have a moment.

Ranvir gets exposed, but he doesn’t change. He takes a saint’s disguise and reaches the house to kidnap Ishika. He plays Raavan and kidnaps Ishika while begging for food. Ranvir faints Ishika and hurts Kamla when she tries to stop him. Kamla informs Roop about Ranvir’s crime. Ranvir wants revenge on Roop and Ishika. He wants to take Ishika too far from Roop. Kamla gains strength and points a gun at Ranvir to stop him. Ranvir manages to get rid of Kamla. He rushes out of the house with Ishika.

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Yeh Rishta KKH

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala


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