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Perfect Pati:
Vidhita has lost her memories. Kabeer has left her in the ladies hotel. Warden sells off Vidhita aka Payal to some man and asks the man to marry Vidhita to take her away. Warden tries to get Vidhita married to someone else. Vidhita opposes the marriage. She learns the truth about the warden. She scolds the warden. She runs away from the marriage. She meets Kabeer and reveals the warden’s evil plan to him. Kabeer gets helpless to keep Vidhita with him to protect her from the bad world until her memories returns and she finds her family.


Chakor makes a love confession to Raghav after having many difficulties and finding him supporting her. She feels he has risked his life for her, just like Suraj would have done. After an argument between them, she realizes his true love. Raghav confesses love to her and tells her that he knows his feelings for her is the problem, he would have not fallen in love if he knew what love is in actual. He tells her that Anjor has also become a part of his life and he can never forget them even after going away.

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