Spoilers 14th April 2019

Pyaar Ke Papad:
Triloki and Gupta’s fight becomes a huge hurdle in Shivika’s marriage. Omkar and Shivika try to sort their issues. Jaya doesn’t want Shivika to marry Omkar. She burns Shivika’s Shagun and gifts. She wants to trouble Shivika so that the marriage gets cancelled. Shivika falls in danger while saving the Shagun from fire. Jaya risks her life to get everyone’s attention. She wants to emotionally blackmail the family. She burns the Shagun and tries to prove that its bad omen, and maybe Shivika isn’t right for the family. Jaya postpones the engagement by her drama.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara meets Aarohi secretly when Deep leaves the place. Tara accepts all her mistakes. Aarohi doesn’t believe her and points gun at her. She thinks Tara can’t be trusted. Tara really wanted to kill Aarohi, after seeing Deep with Aarohi, but she makes some confessions to Aarohi. She reveals many shocking things to Aarohi, which the latter didn’t expect ever. Tara shocks Aarohi by her convincing story.

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Kulfi Kumar

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