Spoilers 13th October 2020

Kundali Bhagya:
Rishabh takes care of Sarla. She weeps that Preeta is always blamed. Rishabh tells her that he has many questions for his family, not her. He knows she has a right to question Rakhi. He tells that he felt bad that she has blamed Rakhi. Sarla doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

She tells him that Preeta isn’t here, Rakhi is responsible for Preeta’s disappearance, Rakhi should have ousted Mahira. He tells her that she isn’t wrong, but Rakhi is also right on her front. She is worried for Preeta. He tells her that Preeta is their responsibility. He also knows that Mahira shouldn’t be here. He tells her that Rakhi had promised Mahira to get her married to Karan for a reason. Sarla tells him that Preeta is in trouble.




Choti Sardarni



Kumkum B

Kundali B

  1. Please update for barrister babu…. I request you.

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  3. Irene R Chaudhary

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