Spoilers 13th April 2017 (Revised)

Shivani has hit Veer and made him unconscious. Shivani has run away after the incident. The family worries seeing Veer’s state and take him for aid. Veer’s father asks Rashmi where is Shivani. It’s first time that a woman has beaten a man in Berahampur. Rashmi hides Shivani in her room, and does not tell anyone about her.

Mere Angne Mein:

Aarti thinks of lessening Shanti’s financial burden. She starts working at the temple to earn a bit and carrying her own expenses. Aarti goes to temple early morning, to hide about her job from everyone. Kaushalya sees Aarti coming late and a man following her. She suspects Aarti and interrogates the man. She gets to know the man is a cheapster and wants to marry Aarti. A lady provokes Kaushalya against Aarti, by speaking ill of her character. Kaushalya wants to get rid of Aarti and holds a grudge in heart seeing Shanti praising Aarti all the time. On her friend’s advice, Kaushalya calls NGO and complains against Aarti.

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