Spoilers 12th October 2020

Kundali Bhagya:
Rishabh consoles Sarla. Sarla feels responsible to send Preeta to unfaithful Luthra family. Janki is worried for Preeta. She wants to rush to Preeta and help her. She finds the goons. She has to stop the marriage some how. She frees herself. She wants to teach a lesson to the goons. Moreover, Bani asks Sarla not to blame Rakhi if Preeta is missing. She tells that Rakhi has kept the reception for Preeta. Sarla tells that Rakhi should have thrown Mahira out of the house instead keeping the reception. Rakhi gets heartbroken.


Kumkum B



Choti Sardarni



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  1. Why don’t you update barrister babu regularly???? Seriously feeling disappointed

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