Spoilers 12th August 2019

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Mr. Bajaj calls his family to Basu house. He tells them that he has bought the Basu mansion and now its their new home. He tells Maasi that Anurag has snatched their home, and now its his turn to snatch Anurag’s house. Maasi has full faith in him that he won’t let the family suffer ever. Mr. Bajaj proves that he is the best in business and even Anurag can’t beat him. Prerna worries since she didn’t wish Anurag to lose all. She has sacrificed her love for Anurag just for his happiness and business security. She feels Anurag is ruining her sacrifice by inviting troubles from Mr. Bajaj.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak secretly enters the house while Raghu is sleeping. Dhanak is determined to achieve her goals. Maai catches Dhanak. she asks Dhanak why did she go out midnight and fool her. She scolds Dhanak and Preeti for fooling the family. Dhanak is trying to find Raghu’s father. She wants to bring him home and unite with Maai. Raghu and Maai are clueless of Dhanak’s plans. Maai threatens to expose Dhanak’s suspicious behavior to Raghu. Raghu questions Dhanak about her whereabouts. Dhanak misleads him.

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