Spoilers 11th March 2019 Revised

Jhansi Ki Rani: Manu saves Gangadhar from the fire and takes him outside. Gangadhar asks why did she come here? Manu says I was feeling suffocated in kitchen, came here to take a fresh breath. Gangadhar looks on. He comes to Palace and asks Janki to give his marriage proposal to Manu’s father and says I want to do everything with all the rituals. Manu says but I have a condition. Gangadhar looks on.

Kajal gets glad when she finds Muskaan making fun of herself and also insulting the family members. She wants Muskaan to do the drama in front of Mrs. Sinha. She learns that Mrs. Sinha isn’t at home. Muskaan’s drama gets unseen by Mrs. Sinha. Muskaan gets angry on Ronak’s family. They don’t understand why is Muskaan behaving like this. Kajal tries hard to bring Mrs. Sinha back so that Muskaan’s drama goes against her. Bua takes a stand against Muskaan, and gets attacked instead. Ronak enjoys the drama until Muskaan mocks everyone and brings their truth out.

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