Spoilers 11th June 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira falls in another trouble. She teaches yoga at the beach side. Some goons come to ask her for the illegal money. Naira asks them to leave. The goons threaten to kidnap her son. She loses her cool. She fights the goons at the beach. Aarav enjoys Naira’s brave fight and applauds her. Naira takes care of him. She gets upset and wants to protect him from all sorrows. She imagines Kartik and gets happy. When he disappears, she gets missing him. She thinks of calling him. Naira calls Kartik and hears his voice once.

Harman and Soumya have a close hit and miss. Harman fails to see her. She is working as a caretaker in Bansal family. She has to take care of Vidhant. He doesn’t like Soumya. When he faints, she helps him out. He asks her to leave the house, Soumya senses Harman around. She doesn’t care to look for him.

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  1. New love story in Shakti.makers announced as new journey of kinner tarana,but its new love story of tarana.vedant saumya ki pyaar ki kahani.right now he is hating her.but just two eepisode more he will feel for her because she does modeling with backless blouse,s*xy sarees,having body show,low waist saree ,changed makeover to make him mad.because this kinner is aware that if she comes in her original avtar of kinner gurumaa he will never fall for her.by dressing like a woman it is but obvious he will fall in love for her.hats of to the makers of Shakti team.this is what saumya is.now he will not let her go to her home,because he will want her to stay with him.for that he will make many dramas as not eating medicine,food etc.he will want her to stay overnight in his house,wake him up by saying good morning with flowers,opening curtains.he will want love moments with her.and simultaneously kinner will also fall for him because he is giving more respect & love more than Harman.she will cook food for him & make him feed with her own hands.then she will make him walk on his own legs as she did for Harman when he met with an accident & he turned mad behind her & sacrificed his entire life.the same way with this fellow.she will make kada for him & he will be able to stand on his own legs.he & his father will be grateful for her effort & as it is he will decide that she will be his life partner.and soham responsibility as mother & father duty Harman is doing it.he takes care of him more than this kinner.she just wanted that tag from the court of being a mother which she got.now when her new love story is there why she will go in past.as she said past she doesn’t want to carry any married tag with Harman of his mangalsutra,sindoor,soham mother that is why she had a new make over like a younger one.if she would have continued her duty with kinner gurmaa get up he would have never fallen for her as Harman did.inspite of her being in that get up he blindly love her.vedant & his father are rich with no one in family to irritate kinner tarana.she will be the boss of house.but in Harman house preeto,shanno,raavi everybody is there where she cannot show her boss dadagiri.so she got this house.for her own comfort she does.as she became gurumaa showing that she will do & help other kinners,but she did it for her own comfort.because she is the gurumaa she can do anything as she changed her get up,working in a cool place with servants around,good food & comfort & then fasauing vedant permanently.and secondlypreeto has already made fraud signatures of Harman & saumya so divorce is filed.harman will think saumya has given & saumya will think Harman has given.and saumya will agree fast as she wants the divorce before Harman because as it is she wants to leave him.she has the reason also as she doesn’t want Harman to follow her & he is free to live his life.

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