Spoilers 11th April 2019

Anjor tries her best to impress Sameer and make a place in his heart again. She tells him that she regrets to hurt him and his family. Its not easy for him to trust her again. She promises that she will change for him. She acts as his wife in front of Bhanu Pratap. Sameer gets pleased seeing Anjor’s dance performance during the Navratri celebrations. Anjor makes Chanda join her in the dance. Anjor and Sameer have a moment. Sameer clicks her pictures. They have come to find out Bhanu’s evil intentions.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Badi Amma wants to end Ghungroo/Shitij’s anger. Badi Amma and Sahil try to explain him and change his hatred into love. Shitij tells Sahil that Badi Amma left his dad for the sake of money and greed, she doesn’t deserve anything. He scolds Badi Amma and pushes her away. Sahil consoles Badi Amma. He believes in her motherly love and tells her that one day Shitij will also connect with her.

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