Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-25

Every one was  so happy after listening to the good news.

Rithika :- guys, you both should want to give us treat, otherwise I will not talk with you.

Harry :- sure!

Rithika :- it’s already evening, I am feeling hungry. So………

Tanu :- I understand, let’s go.

They all went to bakery.

Harry :- feel free and order what ever you want. Their is no limit.

Rithika :- definitely!!!!!

Man :- order please!

Rithika :- Manchuria, pasta, egg puff, curry puff, cock, cool cake, chocolate cake, milk shake.

Vikram :- hello madam! We can order for ourselves. You don’t take stress.

Rithikha :- Mr. Monkey! I am not ordering for every one. I am just ordering, what I want. Got it!

Vikram :- is that stomach or cold storage. You may get digestion problem.

Rithikha :- I don’t need your concern. Can’t you keep your mouth shut for some time. Look! I forgot what I have to order.

Everyone laughs….

Harry :- cool cake  and cock

Tanu :- chocolate ice cream with milk shake

Rithika :- yes! I forgot ice cream. Look brother, add chocolate ice cream also.

Ram :- butterscotch.

Vikram :- after seeing this, I think I can’t eat anything.

Rithika :- order something, if you don’t want to eat, then give it to me.

Vikram :- ho god!!!!! Please save me.

Every giggles.

After few minutes

Everyone start eating.

Rithika was eating like a kid. (I think kids were very better than her)

Ram left in the middle.

Mean while other place.

A man was entering into some one’s room very secretly,  hiding something in that room and about to leave. He saw a photo frame. He touched that frame and get very emotional. But he control his feelings and left from their.

Night time. (rithu’s home)

Rithika :- no!!!!! Oh god!!!! I think, I should have listen to Vikram. I had eaten a little bit extra.

Her inner soul :- like seriously! A little bit. Yaar! You had eaten 4 members food and you are saying a little bit.

Bell rings.

Rithka Mom :- who are you?

Vikram :- good evening aunty! I am Vikram. Rithika’s friend. Can I go to meet her.

Aunty :- sure!

Rithika room.

Vikram :- rithu, open the door!

Rithika :- wait a minute, I am coming.

She opened the door.

Rithika :- you???? What make you, to come here.

Vikram entered into the room and sat on bed.

Rithika :- I am asking you something?

Vikram :- I just came here, to give you medicines. If you finish it then I will leave.

He looked into his eyes.

They both were starring into each other’s eyes.

Room is filled with silence.

Someone is secretly observing them.

Rithika’s mom knock on the door.

The eye lock get break………

Aunty :- Vikram, have some coffee and your favourite biscuits.

Vikram :- thank you aunty. But how did you know, these are my favorites.

Aunty :- she always talk about you.

Vikram :- hooooo!

Rithika get embarrassed and look away.

Aunty :- you both talk for sometime, after I prepared dinner. I will call you down.

Saying that, she leaves from their.

Vikram :- so, you always talk about me with your mom!

Rithika was trying to avoid to talk and make eye contact.

Vikram :- first just take the medicine.

She took medicines.

Vikram was looking her room  and mainly very particular at that photo which rithu said it was so special.

Rithika :- why are looking at that frame very particularly.

Vikram stand up from the bed and went towards the wall and took the frame.

Rithika :- be careful!

Vikram :- what if I leave?????

Rithika :- no!

Vikram :- yes!

Vikram start running, rithu ran behind him.

After few minutes.

Rithikha :- please! Give it back.

Vikram gave it to her.

But by mistakenly the photo frame get broken.

Rithika and Vikram get shocked, Vikram get afraid.

She get confused by seeing that chit fallen on ground after broken that frame.

Vikram :- I am sorry rithu. I didn’t mean it.

Rithikha :- please leave Vikram.

Vikram :- but rithu…….

Rithikha :- please go and have dinner. I will join you in 10 minutes.

He silently leave the room.

Precap :- rithika :- I love you Vicky!




  1. Shesha485

    Loved it. Rithika eating food for four men was hilarious. Vikram taunting her and Rithika giving her back was extremely funny. Vikram was so caring that he bought medicines for Rithika. Poor boy had broken the frame. Rithika’s mom admitting that she always speak about Vikram was cute. I wonder what is the photo. It is shocking that some mysterious man had hidden something in the room and also observing whatever Rithika and Vikram were doing. I wonder who is the mystery man. Seeing the precap, Rithika has proposed Vikram. But the one who break her heart is whom?

  2. Today I loved Vithu scenes ❤ 😍. They were so awesome. Eye contact, concern…everything.

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