Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-20

Rithikha :- he never said no to me, but today he declined me! What could be the reason? Is he saying truth?

Ram :- Rithikha! What are you thinking?

Rithikha :- nothing else! Just about the dinner.

Ram :- really? (Doubt)

Rithikha :- haha! Of course! What could be else. (Tension)

Ram :- ok then bye!

In Rithikha’s mind :- if I didn’t ask him now, then I might miss out the chance. Just ask him casually. If he insist me then I play my card (devilish smile)

Rithikha :- ram wait!

Ram :- now what?

Rithikha :- aaaa hmm

Why vikram had declined to come

Ram pov :- so, it’s working. Now, I will get a clarity. If she loves him or just treating him like a friend.

Rithikha :- hello! Where do you lost ?

Ram :- nothing!

Rithikha :- so tell me

Ram get close to her and Whispered in her ear.

Ram :- he is going on a date with Lena

Rithikha :- what! Lena? (Shocked!!!!)

Ram :- shhhhh! Quite!

Rithikha :- had he lost it? How could he go with her? He didn’t find anyone else? (Whispering)

Ram :- I had very tried to convince him but he didn’t listen to me instead he threatens me to break friendship.

Rithikha :- I think, Vicky lost his memory and became crazy. Just few days back he proposed me, but now….. He will be going to date with that…….(frustration and anger)

Ram :- are you jealous?

Rithikha :- of course no!!!! (Anger)

Ram :- then why are you behaving odd and getting very angry?

Rithikha :- because she was Lena!

You know right? How type of girl she is?

Ram :- haa but!

Rithikha :- what but? No but’s anymore (anger) you are going to help me to stop them and helping me in dinner. It’s final!

She left from their……….

Ram :- you really a mystery! I don’t know if you are loving him or not? You are getting very angry if he will go on a date with Lena, at same time you are happy if he will go with another girl, only if that girl is selected by you. But you are not selecting anyone. What does it mean! You love him or not? Oh god! Please help me……… One side Vikram was saying he can’t live without rithu, on other side these girl creating more confusion.

Precap :- ram and Rithikha both cries

Vikram laughs

Tanu and  harry engagement

Ok friends today’s update is completed. I know it’s too short but I shall try to make more lengthy next one.

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  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Rithika is so confusing. She is feeling jealous for sure at least

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