Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-2

New friends……

Thank you for your lovely comments and you all were asking to to upload pics but I said no,in comment section.But, I will upload some pics from next episode, because I want sometime, to collect the pics. I hope you may understand.

Episode starts with :-

Rithika left the room after giving a strong warning. She was talking to herself. Thank you god for showing me the truth. Flashback:- she leaves from their, but suddenly, she forgot something to ask him, then she follows him. (she forgot his name that’s why she didn’t call him to stop.) While taking his phone, his wallet fell on ground. She pick it up and follows him and stopped at the door, then she listens everything.

Present :- tanu runs behind her and stop her. Rithikha ask her ,You was the girl with that boy, am I right? (In doubt) she said, yes. Rithikha ask her what do you want now? (In cool manner) she said, I just want to talk with you and know about you. You seems something different. That’s so sweet of you Tanu. If  you don’t mind, can I know your name? She said, Rithikha. Yours? I am tanu. They start chit – chatting. While talking, Tanu and Rithikha reach canteen. Tanu asks her to join with her. 

on other side :-

Vikram lost in his thoughts and smiling. Harry ask him, why were you laughing? Ram said, I thin………..k, He was lost  in someone thoughts. He didn’t listen, what you have asked to him (in a teasing manner) Vikram wrap his arm around ram’s neck and told him to shut his mouth. He said, nothing. Harry said, ok fine, let’s go to canteen. Tanu messaged me, that, she was in canteen with her new friend. That to, i am feeling hungry, I can’t wait anymore. They all leave towards canteen.

in canteen :-

The girls was laughing and hitting each other like they both were close friends from many years. Tanu said, you was so sweet and very friendly. Suddenly Rithikha was thinking something. Tanu ask her, what was she thinking? I am not getting one thing, how could you became a friend to that stupid idiot. What? Stupid idiot? (She was laughing) yes.(rithu said) Are you talking about vikram? Oh!!!! That monkey name is Vikram? Sorry I forget his name (sarcastically) At the same time, the 3idiots came to them. Vikram ask her, what are they talking about? Tanu said, about you. Rithikha smile at her comment. Everyone settle down in chairs. Vikram said, your smile is nice. She said, I know that. Everyone giggles. Tanu introduce, ram, harry. She shake hands with them by introducing her. Vikram extends his hand but she refuse him. Tanu order coffee for everyone but Rithikha refused her by saying she doesn’t drink coffee or tea. Harry order some food. They all chit chat for sometime. Vikram try to talk with her but ignores him. Vikram said, rithu……… She cuts him in the mid way and said, hello Mr. Monkey, am not your friend, so…… Don’t call me like that. Then, you did you call me Mr. Monkey. She said, i will. Because, you face just seems like monkey. Everyone laughs.  Ram said, but rithu is a nice name. She said, of course it is. I also like it, but not your monkey friend calls me like that. Remaining was enjoying that. rithu said,ok friends. I will take a leave. They all said bye to her. After she left the canteen, Tanu said, When  i stop her, i thought she will shout at me, instead she talks with me very friendly. Vikram said, she was very nice and mingled with us very easily. Tanu said, Not with you. Everyone laughs at her comment.

Precap :- I love you

Ok my dear friends, let me know, how is this episode? If you have any suggestions please tell me. I will consider it.  Please drop your comment, and please share this to your friends or please inform them, to read it.


  1. Hey, Crazydoll_185. Wait! I won’t call you Crazy doll. I’ll just call you, doll. So doll, this episode was mind – blowing. I loved Rithika. She is so good wali type💓💓

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Thank you so much for calling me doll and I loved it. Keep supporting and I try to make further episodes more interesting

  2. Shesha485

    Loved the episode and Rithika-Tanu becoming friends so soon was sweet. Loved the way Rithika talks with Vikram. Poor Vikram was mocked by Rithika hilariously and it was a embarassment for him. Rithika’s attitude is savage
    I think, better you can give actor’s faces for the characters at least for Tanu, Vikram and Rithika.

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Thank you so much shesha for your support and suggestion. I had planned a very big twist until that you want to bear Rithikha behaviour. While I was writing, I am imagining myself in rithika, that’s why am not giving any face to characters. But in next episode, I will try to update their faces.

  3. Crazydoll_185

    I forget to mention something, can anyone guess who said I love you?

    1. Shesha485

      Probably Tanu to Vikram

  4. Radhakrishn

    Tanu and Rithika becoming each ohters friend instantly was lovely. Rithika embarrassing Vikram was funny. The precap is making me tensed.

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tqsm radhakrishn
      Don’t get tensed. 🤭

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