Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-17

Today’s episode will be going to small. Please adjust with it.

The episode starts with………

Ram was shocked and didn’t speak anything! He left from their without saying another word.

Vikram :- I have messed everything.

Ram went to Rithikha, who was working on her designs. He suddenly hugged her.

Rithikha :- what happened ram ?

Ram doesn’t say anything, he is hugging her very tightly and said I am very sorry Akshara!

She was shocked and she also hugged him and start crying……….

After sometime they break their hug.

Ram makes her sit down and squeeze her hand.

Ram :- why didn’t you tell me?

Rithikha :- I don’t want to hurt anyone by sharing it. Whatever happened in past, it was past. We can’t change our past, can’t stop our future then why should we want to discuss it. It never change right?

Ram :- of course, it didn’t Change but by sharing your feelings, it may help you.

Rithikha smiles……

Ram :- can I ask something?

Rithikha :- I know what you are going to ask.

Flash back…….

After my parents death, I was start feeling alone, I thought, it was all happened because of me, only because of me everything happened. So I decided to kill myself. I had gone to ………. Place. Because, I want no one can recognise me and stop. When I was about to jump from the cliff. A lady stopped me. She took me with her. She ask me what happened? I explained everything to her. She asked me, can I be her daughter?  Her husband left her after knowing the truth she can’t be a mother. After listening to her story, I got emotional. She asked me just spend with her few days, afterwards if I want to don’t change my decision then she won’t stop me. On this deal I spent some days. After spending few days, I can’t leave her. She gave me new life, new name every thing……….

When it comes to why vikram didn’t recognize me, this all was happened when we were in the age of 17 or 18 but now, it’s 22 or 23. I had changed a lot. That’s why he doesn’t recognize me. Even I don’t recognize him but I had come to give his purse, in the midway I have seen his old photo.

Ok friends today’s update is completed……

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  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. All confusions are cleared now. Rithika and that mountain lady bond was nice. Ram-Rithika friendship was expressed beautifully

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