Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-16

Valentine’s week special episode……

…..The past …..

Vikram :- do you remember, my father get transferred and we went to Maharashtra……….

Ram :- hmm!

Vikram :- I met Rithikha and rosy their. I mean Akshara!!!!!


Vikram :- hey god! New friends! New area! New place ! New environment! I am feeling good but at same time, I am worried and why my heart race fast!!!!!

He saw a girl was laughing and playing franks  on others.

Vikram :- beautiful!!!!!!

He went to her and said…..

Vikram :- hi, Miss gorgeous!

Girl :- hello (confusing)

Vikram :- I am new to this college, can you please help me to explore the college.

Girl :- why should I ?

Vikram :- because, I Found you are just like me and moreover you are beautiful and Charming.

Girl :- I like flirting but not if any one flirts with me. (Teasing)

Vikram :- impressive!

Girl :- I never try to impress others, just I express my self.

Vikram :- ok miss. Expressive! Could you please me?

Girl :- hmmmmm……. Ok!

Vikram :- by the way, I am Vikram adhithya. You?

Girl :- Rosy!!!!!

Vikram :- nice name!

Rosy :- I know that (sarcastically)

After sometime……….

Vikram :- thank you for the ride.

Rosy :- (smiles)

Next day…….

Vikram meet her at class room, they become friends…… Days were passed. They become so close and they start loving eachother. At a fine day vikram proposed to her and she accepts him. They  spend  their beautiful time, with some fights, pampering. They completed their first year and they spend their holidays very happily. After college reopen. A new girl had joined in their class it’s our Rithikha (Akshara).

Once a day vikram and rosy was spending their time, they both had an argument and they don’t talk with each for 2 days.

Vikram :- Rosy! this time, I am not gonna say sorry to you. Idea!!! If I make you jealous then you only came to me, now see, what I will be going.

Vikram :- hi!

Akshara :- hi

Vikram :- new joining?

Akshara :- yes!

Vikram :- your name?

Akashar…… Your

Vikram adhithya……

Vikram :- friends?

Akshara :- just think about it once. Because, if I committed to a relationship then I don’t leave it, if they want to leave.(smiling)

Vikram :- I don’t make any bond for the sake of entertainment (teasing)

Akshara :- ok friends!

Vikram inner feeling :- now, I will see how you will not talk with me rosy.

Vikram and Akshara became very close, day by day passing. At same time rosy get more jealous.

Akshara was feeling, she had found a true friend and she accepted him as her true friend and she was trying to make their relationship stronger, trying very hard to became a true friend. In these process, she had many clashes with her family, because, they were not allowing her to do friendship with vikram because of gender bias. but on other side he was doing all these to make rosy jealous. To get her love vikram is not realising, he was hurting and playing with her emotions. Vikram start treating Akshara very special, like everyone was start doubting that vikram and Akshara are in love. If any unknown person will see them, they can say that they are lovers. But Akshara never treat him as her love. Akshara found a person in FB. She start falling for him. After 7 months they decided to meet eachother on propose day. Akshara shares her love story with vikram. She share her each and every single thing with him. But vikram was acting Infront of her.

Propose day………

Akshara left to meet her love, she found a letter, she read that letter and before she could express anything, she get a phone call from her vikram.

Vikram :- akshara, please come fast, I want to tell you something important.

Akshara :- vicky! You know, how important today in my life. If I miss the chance then I can’t find my love.

Vikram :- I don’t want to hear anything. You are coming that’s it. Otherwise it’s a promise on our friendship.

In that letter…….

Person :- if you love me then please come and meet me at……..place. if you don’t come their, then I thought, you don’t love me. Once again I never try to contact with you.

She choose his friend and left from their.

Akshara :- vikram ! Why did you call me here. (Eyes filled with tears)

Vikram :- no, I am fine! And I just  twant to tell you something important.

Akshara :- what? (Sad)

Vikram :- I am really sorry Akshara.

Akshara :- why?

Vikram :- sorry for fooling you.

Akshara :- what do you mean?

Vikram :- me and rosy both are in love. But we had a clash. We didn’t talk with each other. To make her jealous, I became close to you.

What I have said to you, it all was fake. I never treat you as my friend, what I have told to you it all was not true. That promises, that moments we spend with each other, it’s not true. I called you here, to inform this. I don’t want to continue in this fake relationship. Because, I all do this to get my rosy back. Today she proposed me once again. So, I don’t think I want to carry on this. I am saying this to you because I hope you understand my situation and never tried to disturb me. If I hurt you, I am sorry for what I have done but I am not regretting about this.

Vikram left from their.

Akashara was totally broken…….. She doesn’t know how to react. After that incident, she doesn’t talk with anyone so much. Not even with her parents. Her relationship with her family is almost broken due to the vikram. Because, she always give first priority to him.

After few days…..

In an accident road accident, she lost her family. She called vikram to meet her. He said, I already told you it’s a fake bonding then why you were trying to share your feelings with me. We never be friends then why you are disturbing me.

After that phone call, he never get a call from her neither he see her.

After 10 days……

Vikram start missing Akshara. He realise he love Akshara not rosy. Then, he tried to find her but he failed. He learnt about her parents death. After that, no one knows where did she had gone. Rosy discovers the truth and she broke up with him.

Ok friends today’s update is completed…….

I don’t think, I have reached your expectations, even I don’t know, you all will love this or not.

Zingo……. In these story some part is true and some part is my imagination.

  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. The flashback is actually well written. Now, I get why Rithika was rude to Vikram. But why didn’t Vikram recognise the face of Rithika aka Akshara? Why those name changes? Rithika sharing her emotions to Vikram was nice but sad that Vikram is playing with her for his sake. Good that Rosy left him and he deserve even more. It is really nice of her to choose Vikram over her lover but she lost both of them on the same day. But what is going to happen between them?

  2. Radhakrishn

    Why do I somewhere feel that Ram can be the one who Akshara met in FB?

  3. Emotional episode. Tears came in my eyes. Felt like killing that Vikram😡😡

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