SPECIAL ONE IN OUR LIFE #based on true story# (season-1) episode-1

In a very hurry, Tanu is trying to a call a person but that person is not picking her phone call. A person came to her and asked her, where is your friend. She said, i am trying to contact with him but he is not picking my phone call. I don’t want any reason, with-in 10 minutes, he want to be here. Otherwise, I won’t spare you this time Tanu. He left from their. She shouts ! Vikraaaaaaam! Harry and ram came to her and told her to relax. She said, how could I…….. if he don’t came here, in next 10 minutes……. Forget it ! You can’t understand my tension. She left them in tension.

A person is getting ready in his room by singing a song. He starts his bike and he left from their. He stopped in his mid-way, because his bike get breakdown. He saw his watch and get tensed, oh no! I want to be their in time, otherwise…… She will Kill me this time for sure. He start running by leaving his bike. Finally he arrived to college.

Vikram saw his friends and said hi! Tanu start shouting, you don’t have time sense, I have been trying to call you but you are not picking my phone, what do you think about yourself. Ok let’s go, we are getting late. She drags him with her.

The four went to stage on time and started their performance. Every enjoy their performance a lot. They complete their performance. They all were chit-chatting something and going down.

Vikram excuse himself and he left for to do a call then he collide with a girl. When she was about to fall, he catch her. She close her eyes in fear. She felt someone holds her waist then, slowly she open her eyes. They both lost in each others presence. His phone call breaks their eye-lock. They compose themselves. He cuts the calls. He said, am sorry I was in phone. She said, it’s ok! While she was leaving, he hold her hand. She was in shock. He asks her, to take his books. She said, thank you and left from their. I never saw you here, I think you are new. She said, yes. By the way, what’s your name? Am rithika, you? Vikram Aditya. Can you please tell me where is principal sir room. He said, it’s on 3 floor. She said, thank you and bye. (In her mind, I thought all boys are flirts here but he seems a good person)

Vikram came to his friends, they asked him what happened? He said, I am busy in phone then I saw a girl. She looks so beautiful. I want to here her voice, so I decided to talk with her but if I went to her and ask her name, she definitely shouts on me. So, I decided to make her fall and help her. He explain everything to his friends how he talk with her. She is too innocent yaar, if scold her at that time, definitely she open her tank. He was laughing………

Suddenly, they hear a lady voice, then why don’t you  scold me mister. They all turn their faces. They saw a girl was standing their by folding her hands. Vikram said, you? Yes, it’s me. What do you think about me? You think I am a cry baby? Or something else? I thought you was a good person but I am wrong you are a flirt. You stupid. I came here, to return your purse. He said, no you miss understood me. Look, I came here, to return your purse. Just take it by handing her purse. He is ready to take it but she threw it outside. They all get shocked. Next time don’t try to play with fire. Otherwise, you will get burned. She left the room.

Harry said, wow! She is gorgeous. Tanu said, Vikram……. I told you, so many times. Every girl can’t be in same way. Look, everyone are trying to became your friend but she is warning you. That to, a new comer. I am so interested to meet her and I am going. She left them.

My first episode is completed………

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Rithika-Vikram first meet and his gestures towards Rithika was sweet but that ulteriorly leads to tashan when he appreciate her about her beauty and planned to made her fall for him. Ritika’s attitude is savage. Loved the introduction scene of Vikram Aditya. Good going

    1. Crazydoll_185

      TQ shesha for your lovely comments
      You may find different shades in further episode. I hope you like the next one also

  2. Zingo

    Hey, Crazydoll_185. The episode was superb. I will try to read each and every episode. The ff you had started is just natural with no melodrama in it. Thanks. 😍. Moreover it would be really nice if you add pictures too for the characters🙂🤗

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tq zingo for you compliment
      I try to post the pics but I can’t assure about it.

  3. This episode was truly amazing one. Loved the way Rithika handled Vikram. I really hated Vikram in this episode. Hope his character change in upcoming episodes. Please show it with pics.

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tqsm Hafsa but I can’t upload pics write know because am very confused to upload pics and I don’t get an instant approval

  4. Radhakrishn

    Rithika and Vikram’s first meet was nice. Can you please write the conversations separately don’t know how to explain.

    Example- Tanu: Hi
    Vikram: Hello , like this. Please

    1. Crazydoll_185

      I already submitted my second one
      I will upload like that from my 3 episode
      Sorry for inconvenience
      And tqsm for following my ff

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