Special Best Friend Epi:-22

Soo all ready fr the last epi of my this ff too.. The ff which u adored as most relatable ff is also ending.. So wanna knw hw Viplav confessed the love.. How this ff is gng to end.. All ready fr a tragic stry now???

Wat happnd don’t like tragic end.. Okay then no tragic end bt a happy ending.. Wanna knw wt is the ending then go reading..
Soo al ready fr the count down of my last ff…
01.. Goo…

Viplav Raj and Pankaj reached Dhaani’s house ? Pankja starts to cmb his hair.. Raj says oh touch up uh?? Pankaj nods.. And pushes him telling u don’t have any problem my gf is her na.. Nt yrs.. Raj laughs ? Raj pushes pankaj and whispers look Viplav… Viplav Is busy putting makeup.. Raj says don’t disturb love guru he is gng to confess his love .. Soo let him do.. Pankaj says ah.. No problem ? do the touch up thr Dhaani’s dance will be over.. Viplav hears the tune ??? of Dhaani’s dance ? and runs.. Pankaj and Raj laughs ? seeing Viplav running ? thy park the car ? and moves inside the house ? Thy see Viplav being standing thr lost and mesmerized by Dhaani’s beauty.. Dhaani is wearing a rare green colour.. Dhaani is dancing ? Raj cutely pushes Viplav.. Viplav comes out his dreams.. Pankaj’s eyes ? searches for piya and Pankaj sees Piya,wearing a rare green palaso,taking the video ? of Dhaani’s dance ? in front.. Someone from behind pushes Raj.. Raj shockingly ? looks back and sees Tanya.. Tum.. Asks Raj ah.. Mein kyun??? Asks Tanya.. Piya comes and joins them.. Pankaj says touch up ?? todha kam dal.. Bhuth ki tarah lag rahi hai.. Girls say touch up.. ?? karne kal samay hi nahi mila(REMEMBER THESE DIA SAID BY UR BROTHERS DURING SOME FUNCTIONS)piya says toh.. Looking at Viplav.. Pankaj says he is saying he will propose today.. Piya says Didi ka answer yes hi hoga.. I knw it.. Hw questions Raj.. Through her change in behaviour answers Piya.. Tanya says okay,then I have a idea.. We all can go to terrace and piya will stand here.. Once Dhaani’s dance ? is finished she will certainly look fr Viplav.. And all others.. Piya says soo that time I’ll say Viplav bhaia asked u to come on terrace.. And she will go.. Pankaj and Raj says u propose then.. Everyone in the hall clap ? ? ? Pankaj says uthna aacha tha mera idea.. Tanya gives a sharp look.. Piya says didi ka dance hogaya tum log upar jaco aur mein didi ke saath aathi hun.. Thy all leave.. After a few minutes Dhaani comes near Piya and asks fr Viplav?? And all othrs.. Piya says Viplav bhaia asked u to come to terrace.. Terrace.. Fr wat questions Dhaani.. She says mujhe kya pata answers Piya.. Thy move to terrace.. Ye lo Viplav bhaia.. Lt me go says piya and turns back to leave.. And rushes and hides near water tank whr Pankaj and Rajya jodi is hiding.. Dhaani smiles at Viplav.. Viplav kneels down.. Dhaani move forward and gives a confused ? wala look.. Viplav gives her a killer smile ? Dhaani gets lost in that smile ? Viplav holds Dhaani’s hands ? A current flows inside Dhaani’s body.. Viplav says pyaar karne waloom ko Krishna aur Radha ki jodi kehathe hai.. Pathi-pathni ko Ram-sitha jodi kehethe hai.. Lekin pyaar kerke shaadi karne waloom ko kya kehe the hai.. Kya unko Vidha naam de.. I love u ? Dhaani.. Kya vidha naam mansoor hai!! Abd looks At Dhaani’s lips ?
Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
Dhaani is standing drum struck thr.. Dhaani calls Viplav.. Kya..
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Tears comes from Dhaani’s eyes ? and it falls on Viplav’s hands… Dhaani frees her hand ✋ and runs looking back at Viplav.. Viplav’s eyes ? are filled with tears ?
Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano
Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Viplav says tears speaks Dhaani.. Everyone hiding behind comes and consoles Viplav.. Viplav hugs pankaj and Raj.. Piya says I’ll look didi.. And moves…
Dhaani shuts the door ? and sit behind the door.. Her lips ? smiles..eyes ? speaks.. She says to herself mein ro rahi hun.. Lekin mein ithni khish kyun?? Y fell like someone said something which I was longing to her!! Someone did something which I was longing to see.. Y I feel like my desire came true.. She stands up from thr and move near the mirror.. And looks in mirror.. She frees her hair.. Takes a shawl and takes a turn.. And falls on bed ? and remembers all the moments spend with viplav,ie,Vidha moments ?
Suraj hua maddham, chaand jalne laga
*Viplav seeing Dhaani fr the first time scenes

Aasmaan yeh haai kyoon pighalne laga) – 2
*thr 1st meeting

Main thehra raha, zameen chalne lagi
Dhadka yeh dil, saans thamne lagi

Oh, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai

Sajna, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai..
Hai khoobsurat yeh pal, sab kuch raha hai badal
*just after thy having chocolate ? scenes
Sapne haqeeqat mein jo dhal rahe hai

Kya sadiyon se puraana hai rishtaa yeh hamaara
*Dhaani’s dad asking to Viplav Raj Pankja and Dhaani.. So Now u all frnds uh??
Ke jis tarha tumse hum mil rahe hai

Yunhi rahe har dam pyaar ka mausam
*after the last exam..
Yunhi milo humse tum janam janam

Main thehra raha, zameen chalne lagi
*dheere dheere se scenes..
Dhadka yeh dil, saans thamne lagi

Haan, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai
*during tat walk only Viplav said to her meaning of SPECIAL BEST FRIEND
Sajna, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai

Tere hi rang se yun mein to rangi hoon sanam
Paake tujhe
*Viplav asking hr to close hr eyes ? and the face tat comes to ur mind is ur Special best Friend…
Khud se hi kho rahin hoon sanam

Oh mahiya
Main tere ishq mein
*Banaras tour
Haan doob ke paar mein ho rahi hoon sanam

Sagar hua pyaasa
Raat jagne lagi
*banaras tour
Shole ke dil mein bhi
Aag jalne lagi

Main thehri rahi zameen chalne lagi
Dhadka yeh dil saas thamne lagi
*banaras tour ..

Kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai
*Banaras tour..
Kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai

Suraj hua maddham
*banaras tour

Chaand jalne laga
*Banaras tour…
Aasmaan yeh haaye

Kyon pighalne laga..
Dhaani takes the teddy bear ? and hugs that one…
Piya knocks on door ? Dhaani removes her tears.. And becomes soo happy and say to herself that I’m in love ❤ and opens her mouth ? wide and keeps ✋hand on her mouth.. Piya knocks again.. Dhaani opens the door ? Kya hua di.. Aap teek ho!! Ensures Piya.. Dhani hugs Piya.. Kisses ? her on her cheeks and forehead and says I’m in love ? wth Viplav.. Kya shouts Piya.. Ahh I’m in love.. Says Dhaani.. Piya jumps on Bed ? and dances ? while dhaani gets soo happy ? lekin Viplav se math kehana.. Says Dhaani.. Piya nods.. Piya controls her emotions and leaves the room.. And enters to her room.. And in excitement ? calls Viplav and narrates the incident.. Viplav thankss Piya and disconnects the call and gets soo happy.. Tat was nt a state of happiness ? neither excitement ? nor lovely feeling.. His emotions cannot be explained through wrds.. He becomes soo happy that he dances..
Ishq Ishq……
Ishq Ishq…….

Viplav imagines Dhaani near near to him and plays romantic dance.. While Dhaani imagines if Viplav would have been here and dances with imagining Viplav…

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Kahe Kita Kahe Ve

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Ishq Bawar Mein Choddu Bahar
Apna Aap Gawar

Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Usse Koi Rang Na Va

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed…

Next day @ clg…
Dhaani with controlling her emotions enters the class room.. She searches fr Viplav.. Raj.. Pankaj and understands Thy haven’t reached.. Gia comes near Dhaani and says Monday is the farewell party.. Viplav pushes Dhaani.. Dhaani worriedly ? looks back and sees Viplav.. Dhaani says monday is the farewell.. Pankaj says farewell kabhi bhi ho.. Our friendship ? will nvr have a farewell… Thy nods..A teacher comes in.. Everyone gets busy in settling down.. There becomes a mess.. Teacher shouts why are u guyss creating a mess.. All those who don’t have seats pls go outside.. There are much seats.. Everyone settles in seats here and there.. Not in there place.. Viren (A studious guy)says ma’am we have to complete one portion.. This small one.. Okay,Viren!! Good.. Thankss for reminding me.. There are many students who sit in the class because of attendance if thy sit here no problem ? bt won’t sit quietly na.. Be like Viren.. Everyone look at each other.. And someone whispers aaj ka portion hai Viren puran.. Everyone laughs.. The bell rings.. She goes and another(Friendly) teacher enters.. She says heard the news.. Thy shouts farewell.. Teacher nods.. Now only Tomorrow.. After that this class room will have another bunch of students.. Bt let me tell u.. U have rightly and fully enjoyed these two years.. Everyone applauses ?? And she advices them not to go to wrong path and lead a good life… She goes.. Someone announces as usual from back.. TEACHER IS ABSENT.. Everyone gets happy ? All leave from the class… Thy play damsharads, football ⚽ Basket ball and so.. On.. Vidha Pankaj and Raj are walking.. Thy say soo these two years also came to an.. End.. Pankaj says Dhaani do u knw Raj’s parents agreed with his alliance.. Dhaani says really
Raj nods.. She congratulates him.. They see Tanya and Piya cmg.. Raj says u don’t have class today?? Yep.. Bunk the class.. Shouts piya… Tats my girl ? says Pankaj.. Piya shies.. Raj moves near Tanya.. Pankaj near Piya.. And each couple move to another way.. Vidha looks at each other.. Viplav says Toh. Wats ur answer.. Dhaani looks down..? dhani says I’ll tell my answer on farewell …

Next day in clg…
Last day in the clg…
Dhaani is entering into the class room.. A girl comes and tell to her either red or yellow u have to wear tomorrow… That’s the theme.. Dhaani nods.. Dhaani’s eyes are searching for Viplav… Someone from back gives a cute push to dhaani.. Dhaani looks back and Sees Viplav Raj and Pankaj.. She says to them the theme colours.. Thy nods.. Viplav says u r been called by Renu ma’am.. She asks fr wat?? Viplav says mujhe kya patha.. Dhaani says Viplav u too come with me.. Viplav keeps his bag ? on the desk followed By Dhaani.. Thy go to staff room.. Renu ma’am says.. Ah,Dhaani I called u to say that during farewell u have to deliver a small speech on Topic “my friendship”.. Dhaani though ignores at first but later agrees.. Thy bth go thr class.. Bell rings and a teacher comes in.. She gives advice to them on how to be a good person.. And so..on Bell rings and she leaves and another teacher enters the class.. She says take the notes ? Thy all shouts this is the last day.. She asks soo.. who have the problem in dng or studying?? Thy all gets sad.. Everyone looks at each others face sadly.. Akshay says yaar ek book ? dena.. Thought that class won’t be taken.. Viplav giggles and tears a paper ? from his note and give to Akshay.. She take class.. Bell rings and she leaves wishing them all the best and another teacher enters the class.. Everyone are scolding the teacher who took class.. The entered teacher shouts.. Keep quiet.. Since its last day in this clg wat u thought u can do watever u want.. Uh?? Someone from the middle bench whispers yes.. Everyone giggles.. Have I said any jokes.. Then why u all giggling here.. She throws an angry ? look.. Everyone keeps quiet.. She advices them.. To be a good citizen… To be a good son or a daughter to the parents.. And so..on someone whispers in btwn.. She says either u spoke or I speak.. (Remember those teachers who speak english though thy don’t know english?)That teacher leaves.. And the friendly teacher enters the class.. Everyone say ma’am we will miss u.. We love u.. Teacher’s eye’s get filled with tears ? Seeing that students eyes too get filed with tears.. She says.. You know among the classes under this department I personally love this class more… And to be honest this class enjoyed the clg life the mst.. Everyone clap ??? Thy thank her and the class gets continued with the tears of going to miss.. Tears of sadness… Tears.. And tears..
Viplav moves near Dhaani and says remember na tomorrow.. Dhaani nods and says to herself kal main bolungi meri dil ki baath….

Farewell party ?
Everyone are wearing Dress of colour red and yellow.. Viplav a yellow shirt and a jacket and Dhaani Red salwar.. Viplav gets mesmerized by Dhaani’s beauty.. Now I welcome Dhaani to stage to deliver a small speech… Dhaani steps in to the stage amd speaks….
Today I’m here to speak on friendship….
When I was askd to speak abt this topic.. I was like kya bolu.. Bt ya.. I was also happy that I gt a chance to speak.. When I prepared a rough note on this speech.. Watever I wrote had been said by someone or had been written by someone in articles.. And if not written or said.. Mujhe kuch kami laga uss speech mein.. Jab mein Indore aayi.. Aur phir iss clg mein.. Kuch hi din mein mujhe ek aajeb sa pyaar hone laga.. Indore se aur iss clg se.. Maine socha vo isiliye hoga kyumki mein 3 years je baath indore mein aayi.. Aapne hi clg mein collaging ki..
Jab mein iss clg Mein peheli baar aayi. Toh mujhe ek ladka mila.. Ah,when I entered in to the block I and him got collided and fall down.. Whn I asked u don’t have eyes ? he said I’ve 2 big eyes.. U can’t see?? Everyone laughs ? and looks at Viplav.. Viplav smiles.. From that time I was targeting him for a revenge.. And yep.. I took the revenge.. Bt fr him that revenge was nthng.. Phir aaya hamara exams.. And I was fully worried fr exams.. Lekin ussne aur uske doston ne mujhe exam tension se chutkara dilaya.. And during the last exam To be honest i didn’t felt afraid.. Uss exam ne mujhe sirfh department topper hone ka designation hi nahi lekin ek dosti yaa friendship ? milla.. And looks at Raj Pankaj and Viplav.. They ?smile at her.. Ek ajeeb si dosti thi vo hamaari..
Maine socha kya ye clg life itni hi khubsurath hoti withiut that friendship???uss dosthi ke bina kya vo Banaras tour uthni hi Enjoyable hoti??
Phir mujhe patha jala vo ajeeb pyaar mujhe indore se ya iss clg se nahi lekin uss dosthi se hua tha.. Usi dosthi ne mujhe jeena seekhaya.. Masti karna seekhaya..
So my dear friends,I now u all are busy with ur studies and daily practices.. Bt take a few minutes to find ur friendship.. To find those friends who can make our life more adorable.. Who can double our happiness ? and reduce our sadness..
If that friend is our soul mate we can call him as “SPECIAL BEST FRIEND”.. And look at Viplav… May be ur friend can be ur soul mate or special best friend.. Kya patha..
And leaves the stage.. Everyone give her a big applause ? ? ? and teachers appreciates her.. She thanks everyone and moves near viplav..

Raj gives her a balloon ? and says u should leave that balloon ? when everyone leaves.. She he too leaves the balloon.. Everyone hols each others hands.. Viplav looks at Dhaani.. Dhaani smilingly ? holds Viplav’s hand.. Viplav fes that touch.. A current flows inside his body.. Everyone sings..
Give me some sunshine…
Give me some rain…
Give me another chance…
Wanna grow up once again…

everyone is having tears in there eyes.. Vidha Pankaj and Raj hug each other Thy have tears in thr eyes ? Dhaani says watever happens we should nt break our friendship ? Everyone nods.. Dhaani looks at Viplav.. Holds Viplav’s hands and move to the corridor.. She make Viplav sit on The chair ? and says.. I nvr thought our relationship would come to here.. Viplav I don’t know ? how to tell u.. Viplav looks in to Dhaani’s eyes.. Piya comes and says didi.. Rush come to home.. Pankaj comes and takes Viplav.. And says yaar tu yahaan kya kar raha hai.. Rush.. Vidha moves to left side and Right side respectively…

Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..

Rain ☔ falls.. Piya and Dhaani are inside thr car ? While Viplav Raj and Pankaj are sitting inside thr car ?..
Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)

Piya asks di,aapne bola aapni dil ki baath.. Dhaani looks down.. Whn I was abt to tell u called me… Thy reach thr house.. Dulaari says kal ladke dekhne aa rahe hai.. Dhaani gets shattered.. And shouts KYA?? Dulaari says no excuse.. After having a look at Him if u think u can enjoy a life together.. Then we will do engagement ? too.. Dhaani runs towards Her room and cries.. Screen flashes her crying ? face.. Screen becomes blur… Screen becomes perfect.. Piya is knocking on dhaani’s door ? di.. Ladka aagaya.. Chalo (NOTE;it’s been next day..)Dhaaniwearing a green salwar comes down.. Dhaani sees everyone wearing masks on thr face.. Dhaani stands thr and says. I’m srry ? I cannot marry him.. Because I love ? another person.. Dulaari and everyone gets shocked ? to hear that.. Dhaani’s dad comes and asks who is thr guy?? Dhaani confidently answers VIPLAV.. A boy wearing mask says toh and walks near to Dhaani.. Hold her hands and pulls her.. And continues.. Toh shows his hands and removes his Mask.. And shows the bracelet.. “VD”bracelet… She hugs Viplav in excitement… Everyone removes thr masks.. Thy were Rajya jodi.. Pankaj… Viplav’s parents.. She looks at piya.. Viplav says after I proposed u I saw ur dad behind me.. He came near to me and said no problem ? we are happy to accept u.. ? Dhaani gets happy…
O teri aankhen kaali kaali
Tera gora gora mukhda hai re (Mahi ve)

O teri rangat jaise sona
Tu chaand ka jaise tukda hai re (Mahi ve)

Tere gaal gulaabi rabba rabba
Chaal sharaabi rabba rabba
Dil ki kharaabi rabba rabba tu soniye

Thy exchange the rings.. Flower petals fall on them..
Jind mahi ve – soni soni aaja mahi ve
Everybody say – soni soni aaja mahi ve (Repeat once)

Barse rangini kaliyaan hai maheki bheeni bheeni
Baje mann mein halke halke shehnaai re
Jitne hain taarein aanchal mein aa gaye saare
Dil ne jaise hi li angdaayi re

Pankaj comes and kneels down amd proposes Piya.. Piya looks at Her dad.. He nods.. She keeps her hand on Pankaj’s hand…

Everyone dances…
Haye tu jo aayi sajke mehndi rachke
Chal bachke o soniye
Dil kitno ka khaaye dhajke o soniye

Jind mahi ve – soni soni aaja mahi ve
Everybody say – soni soni aaja mahi ve (Repeat once)
After 1 year 9 mnths…
Aaaaa….. Black screen appears… Someone wearing jeans ? and shirt opens the door… And enters to room..(It’s hospital ?) And says ye lo ur dress looking At a girl lying on bed.. Near to her a small baby ? the screen shows the boys face.. It’s Viplav.. The girl lying on the bed is Dhaani.. Didi.. Ye lo cradle aa gaya.. Says Piya.. Piya is cmng inside with Pankaj.. Dhaani says at last u came.. Piya arranges the cradle.. Pankaj moves near Viplav and congratulates ? him.. Piya goes near baby and says deko Vidhaan..(it’s boy ?child) Apni masi ka engagement ? ring.. Someone says from behind dekho Tanya masi waited fr ur arrival.. Screen flashes Tanya’s and Raj’s face.. Tanya goes near baby ? and says Vidhaan aa gaya.. Dhaani asks Raj when is ur engagement.. Next week answers Raj.. She says and marriage.. Rightly after Piya’s wedding ? Dhaani says kyun… Tanya says varna My and Piya’s honeymoon will be on the same day and since we are gng Viplav bhaia too will come and it will change to tour and not honeymoon.. Everyone laughs ? pankaj says ah.. Honey moon is trip we spent inside our bed room.. Bt if we go togethr then.. Viplav will have no problem ? because his family completed.. Viplav says Pankaj and runs.. Raj laughs and gives Pankaj a hi -fi.. Raj and pankaj runs inside the room..
Viplav runs behind them to beat.. All the girls laughs ?seeing this.. Piya takes Vidhaani and says aapne papa ko dekho… Hw he is running Camera ? goes up… Screen flashes..
So hw was the episode?? Good one.. Remembered those teachers whose character is similar to the teachers of Viplav..?
Viplav’s confession.. Dhaani’s controlling of emotions and all…
Hw was the engagement ? surprise ?
Hw was the last speech!! Awesome uh?

Always remember Friendship never dies.. If it’s true one..

Thankss to Varsha chechi.. Sujie di Renu di.. Misha di.. Lakshmi.. Aish.. Aish di… Arshi di.. Lols.. Misha di.. Areeb di.. Maha di.. Bhaia.. Meghs di.. Mr.Impossible.. Shruthy and all the silent readers.. Srry if I frgt any name…?
Fr ur cmnts… Tats wat encouraged me to write ?

C u with an another new ff if possible otherwise in the cmnt box ?

Last chance to pt cmnts in this ff.. So hurry up and put cmnts…?

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