Special Best Friend (EP-7)


Ready to read…Then let’s go…..3,,,,2,,,01….
After 15 min we will be sitting in the exam hall..OH MY GOD!let me tell u I’ll give u a treat if I gt 90 abve in 100 Says Raj 2 Vip & Pankaj. Viplav says we r ready 2 have ur treat,,Even if u gt below 90,thn also u can give us a treat we’ll eat,kyun foodie???? Vip says to Raj and questions Pankaj…Every1 laughs.Vip c Dhaani getting panic..He asks her is everything fine??She says no,,,I am worried 4 exams..He asks her not 2 worry….She says I 4got everything tat I studied.He says u haven’t 4gt anything and this is a game of exam tension….no worries..U’ll crack the test…She says u donot knw…He says I knw u’ll crack the exams…She says lets hope like that…He says it’s not hope,It’s damn sure u’ll crack the exams..He asks her 2 be cool and just do breathing exercise[inhale and xhale]and ur fear will all fanish..She do it and says kam kar raha hai!!He smiles..All the best crack it says Dhaani to Pankaj,Raj & Viplav. Thy say same to dhaani and enters the exam hall..

In the exam hall Vip sees Dhaani writting exams speedly…Vip completes his exam..’OH MY GOD!! FIRST EXAM IS COMPLTED’ says Raj 2 Pankaj and Vip..Thy nods…Next xam is on next week,right??asks Viplav…Pankaj says yes..and thy leave to canteen.On the way 2 canteen Vip sees Dhaani and asks Pankaj and Raj to leave. Whr r u gng???questions Pankaj..To the Angry Women answers Viplav.Meet u in the canteen thn,says raj and leaves…

So angry fumer,how was the xam???Asks vip…It was easy bt..says Dhaani.I told u na,it would be easy says Viplav.Bt I’m afraid 4 marks.I think some of my answers are wrong says Dhaani.Viplav asks her nt 2 worry 4 marks and ask her to enjoy..Dhaani shockingly asks him ENJOY!!!scene freezes

PRECAP- OHH, I forgot 2 mention,,TANYA IS BACK says Raj.WOW!tats a great news!!!says Vip and Pankaj 2gethr.

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  1. Wow! Nice one eagerly waiting for the next part, I guess its a jealousy track, uh? ??Post the next one soon!! ??

    1. Thankss Maria ? nope.. No jealousy track?

  2. Well done shwetha..!!
    Keep going??

    1. Thankss Arshi di?

  3. Wah shweta u have narrated the exam incident such jthat i remembered my exam days ?☺ ☺ ? take care. Bless u.

    1. Thankss Renu di ? so. My narration made u remember those days..sigh of relige

  4. Wow Shweta it’s awesome keep it up my friend 🙂

    1. Thankss jo?

  5. Exam completed! ? Now start worrying about the result . ? Universal Fact! ??

    HAHA! Anger Fumer is a good name for Dhaani! ??

    1. Thankss Areeb…. Tats correct Areeb di… Exams khataham mathlab start worrying for results..truth..

      I too loved angry fumer na?

  6. wow swetha really amazing…….i can visualize it and ofcourse its like my experience…….and tanya?? yep waiting for that track

    1. Thanksss Vimi…
      And keep reading the track for knowing Tanya track?

  7. good episode sis ..keep it up …waiting for the next part 🙂

    1. Thankss bhaia…
      Keep reading

  8. swetha….. keep rocking 🙂

    1. Thanksss Sujie di?

  9. Wow swe its what exams n exams tensions ha really we some time get worry for little mrks too… Good keep it up..

    1. thanksss meghs di!!

  10. Hey Swetha
    Finally managed to read and it’s great! Exam tension is the worst,

    Well done and keep going, looking forward to the next instalment,
    lots of love xxx

  11. thanksss misha di… last aap ne read kiya!!!

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