Spat between Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla over Parathas

The show Bigg Boss is designed in a way that you will lose your cool with your housemates irrespective of your relationship with them. In the past few episodes, we have seen Rubina and Abhinav arguing with each other over petty things. Salman Khan also noticed this and advised the couple to keep it cool. He also advised Abhinav to be supportive of his wife.

But recently Abhinav is seen arguing with Rubina about whether to make parathas with butter or not. Rubina was not in favor of making parathas with butter and said that they don’t taste good. Abhinav expresses his shock and says that he has been making parathas in butter only and they all tasted good.

Rubina asks Abhinav not to get angry with her. The actor asks her to think whatever she wants to and adds, “tumhari hi marzi chalti hai, jo karna hai karo.” (You make things run your way). Rubina retaliates and says, “Mai toh kha bhi nahi rahi hu” (I’m not even eating the parathas). To which Rubina retaliates and warns him, “Don’t talk extra.”

Albeit the differences between them seems to be evidently increasing, but the two continues to be each other’s support.


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