Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 35

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Abhigya in car:
Abhi regretted leaving her in his caravan. Abhi, How did I forgot? Now how do I even face her?
Pragya was keep on giggling looking at him. She couldn’t believe he is still watching cartoons.

Abhi asked her to watch tv but there were no channels that she liked to watch. She then realized there was a dvd player and started to watch some dvds there covered in a black cover. She was amazed to find all were cartoon dvds and was having a laughing riot by watching all the cartoons.

Abhi “Will u stop?” Pragya “I…am trying…but I can’t!!” Abhi “This is nothing to laugh about….cartoons are a relief of stress!” Pragya still giggling said “I agree but….” Abhi “But what?” Pragya “But all are donald duck cartoons!!” Abhi got annoyed. Pragya “I mean it’s funny but how did u find donald duck to relieve your stress kiddy?” Abhi looked straight and continued to drive.

Pragya “Kiddy!! Quack quack!!!” Abhi “Leiko! Don’t make fun of it!” Pragya “Okok…and finally u called me Leiko….” Abhi remained silent and thought, I always call u Leiko in my heart.
Pragya “Oh…..Now I know why u like donald duck!” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “You are the donald duck!!!” Abhi in shock “What?” With that he applied sudden break. Pragya “Haan Mr Donald duck…because donald duck’s pair is daisy…” Abhi “So?” Pragya with shyness said “You consider me flower…so…I am the daisy flower na….” Abhi “Huh? I never expected u to think this way…” Pragya “What to do? With u I can only think about u and all your actions….” By saying that she tried to look away and was keep on looking out the window with a wide smile on her face.

He blushed seeing her and continued to drive. Abhi, Her love fever is too high nowadays…and its effect is affecting me….
They reached home and Pragya waited for him to open the door just the way he did before reaching to restaurant in Kolkata. Abhi too opened the door and she smiled pleasantly by seeing his gesture.

Pragya was hesitant to ask again but couldn’t resist herself. She saw him walking in front and called him “Kiddy….” Abhi turned back and looked at her. Pragya still with hesitation “Now….can I….stay with u?” Abhi “You are already staying with me!” Pragya slapped herself on her head. Abhi looking at that smiled inwardly. Abhi turned back to walk up the stairs.

Pragya “Oye Kiddy!! Why can’t u understand me? I just want to be with u….I want u beside me always!!” Abhi not looking back said “You are still with me and if u want u can stay in the room beside me!” Pragya had nothing to say after that and was just feeling irritated.
Pragya walked up to her room and slammed the door. Pragya looked at the mirror in front of her.
Pragya “Do u need this? Why can’t he just allow me into his room? What is so difficult in this? I just feel like going inside his brain and bring some senses into it!”
Abhi in his room took her duppata and placed it on his bed.
Abhi looking at that said “Why can’t u wait Leiko? I know you like to be beside me always in this room! But please wait na as u are already in the room of my heart…Very soon u will be always be with me in the every room we live….”
Pragya slept thinking about his smile…his looks….his words….

In the middle of the night, she was awake to someone’s footsteps. Pragya, Is it him? But why is here now?
Pragya “Who is that? Kiddy are u there?” He never replied anything and opened her wardrobe making her shocked. Pragya “Why are u not responding?” She was about to wake from the bed when she saw him turned towards her and said “Just be silent….” She remained silent and he took her empty box and walked out of the room. Pragya quickly waked up from her bed and walked behind him.

Abhi stopped halfway and dropped the box in a harsh manner to break it.
Pragya was shocked by his action and was lost for words. She cried seeing him do like this and sat beside her broken box crying heavily.
Abhi switched on the rest of the lights and looked at her. As for Pragya, she was picking up the broken pieces and was keep on weeping.
Pragya “Why do u have to do like this? Do u know how much this means to me?” Abhi “I know….”
Pragya “You know and u still break it like this?” Abhi was about to walk away when Pragya came behind him quickly. Pragya “Why did u do like this?” Abhi “There is a reason…..think about your attachment towards your house….your box….then u will know the answer….” By saying that he left leaving her in tears.

She went back to the place where her box was broken and felt her heart was broken into pieces too.
Pragya, How much I trusted him….I believed he will trust my beliefs too but he…..he is also like others breaking my trust……
Abhi, I am sorry Leiko….I need to do this not to break your trust but to break your beliefs….

After a few hours,
Abhi went out of the room to see her and he was worried to see her sleeping by leaning against the wall with broken pieces of the box on her lap.
Abhi removed the pieces slowly and carried her to his room.
Pragya waked up and was irritated to see him sleeping peacefully beside her.
She quickly waked up and ran to her room with tears flowing continuously.
She locked herself inside the room and was continuously weeping.

Abhi realized that she had left his room and called someone. Abhi “I did like what u said Purab and the reactions are haywire!” Purab “I know….but it is necessary Abhi….Pragya di now need to come out of her zone….for that we need to do this….” Abhi “But I can’t see her in tears like this…She is even very angry with me….” Purab “I know but just wait and very soon everything will be fine…” Abhi “I am doing all this because u said….and also because she said….” Purab “I understand yaar….all this confusions that is created is to clear the complications….” Abhi “Can u at least like call her? I have been trying to call her but Leiko is not picking up my calls!” Purab “Let her be in her space now…and u want to help her right?” Abhi “Not only help her but I want to be the help that she needs….” Purab “I am very proud that u are very concerned about her….” Abhi “This is nothing to be proud about Purab….she is my light and I don’t want the brightness that she gives to be faded off for any reasons….” Purab smiled hearing to Abhi’s words and ended the call by saying something.

I don’t like pleading to my loved ones but u are the only one that I am pleading for…..
Pragya tried to push Abhi into something and Abhi pleading for her help!

Thank u and Sorry to everyone for reading and bearing with my scribblings…Hope to reply u all if mood is good….

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