Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 34

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Pragya finished working on the designs and called him to inform but he never picked up her call. He then messaged her saying, I will come home earlier.
Pragya, What’s the point even if he come earlier? Always hiding inside that room!
She then called Dadi and was talking to her.

Dadi hearing to Pragya’s complaints about Abhi chuckled. Pragya “Dadi! I am upset with him and u are laughing?” Dadi “I think he is up to something…but don’t know what he wants to do…” Pragya “I also have the same feeling Dadi….he is like this from the day he went to Sahana’s room….” Dadi “Hmm….” Pragya “Ok Dadi….I think he is coming!” By saying that she ended the call.

Pragya was sitting on the sofa and saw him coming with a wide smile. Pragya, Now why is he smiling like this?
He never looked at her and just walked passed her. Pragya, Not even looking at me but he is smiling in some thoughts…..
Abhi from the stairs turned back and she was still looking at him. Abhi was still smiling and was looking at her. Pragya, Why is he even smiling now?
In return Pragya also smiled and he then turned away to walk up the stairs.
Pragya, Strange….he wants me to smile in response and then he walked off….but why?

Abhi then yelled her name “Pragya! Pragya!” Pragya, Now why is he yelling like this. With that thoughts she rushed up to his room. Abhi “Pragya….what have u done?” Pragya “I never do anything…just arranged your bed and that’s all…” Abhi “Really? Then what is this doing here?” Pragya saw what he was holding and it was a strand of her hair. Pragya “Hair….it happens right? I mean hair fall….” Abhi in shock “How can it happen and that too on my bed? Did u sleep on my bed?” Pragya “Listen…I don’t have time to entertain with explanations! For this u were shouting my name!” By saying that she turned behind and was about to walk out of the room when she realized he was hugging her from the back. Abhi in a soothing tone said

“Don’t be so angry….it makes me feel some music playing in my heart….” By saying that he made her look at him. Abhi in a very convincing look said “Now you go and do your work….ok?” Pragya was speechless from his sudden actions. As for Abhi, he went inside his closet.
Pragya, What is this now? First, he shouted my name then he hugged me!!! What was that? My frustration towards him is some music to him!!! I am so confused with him….
She was still standing with deep thoughts and he came back from his closet. Abhi tapped her shoulder and asked “Do u want me to carry u to your room?” Pragya shook her head in response to NO!!

Abhi in a mischievous tone said “I don’t mind….I already carried u before….” Pragya “This is too much!!” With that she headed to her room. Abhi looking at her walking away, Yes Leiko everything is too much in love…..

In a while later, he knocked her door and she opened the door. She was stunned to see him wearing her duppata as a scarf around his neck.
Before she can utter a word, he whistled at her. Pragya was surprised and speechless. Abhi “Before u tell anything….i want to ask u something!” Pragya “What?” Abhi “Are u free today?” Pragya remained silent. Abhi “Ok then u are free! Just come with me today!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “I want to show u my acting skills in action!! Come to my shooting spot!!” Pragya in just nodded her head and said to herself, I am not going to think anything….don’t know why this kiddy is suddenly with so much of excitement….let me see what is he up to now….

Abhi again whistled and wiped his face with her duppata. He then said “This is as soothing as the person who wears this….” Pragya smiled pleasantly in response and he walked away from there.
Abhi again came back, as he saw Pragya still standing and looking at him. Abhi “Did u always see like this?” Pragya “What is there to see when my sea is not around me?” Abhi with a smirk asked “Your sea?” Pragya sadly said “You are my sea and you are not around me…..” Abhi smiled inwardly hearing that and he just walked away again.
Pragya letting a deep sigh again said “One day he is moving away from me and another day he is moving towards me……I don’t know where all this is moving towards….”

Abhi, She is saying I am her sea, and to me she is my sky….Sea always see the sky on top of it….just like that I am always seeing her through my heart…
Later in the evening, Abhigya reached Abhi’s shooting spot and Abhi placed his hands around her shoulder and looked at her again with a smile that makes Pragya confused.
Pragya, Now he is doing all this but at home….Nevermind….let me see what he does here…the more I think and feel about this, the more sad I become….
Abhi “Please take a seat here my dear wife…and watch how I act with my heroine!!” Pragya hearing that was giving a fake smile. Pragya, How many times I have to tell him? I hate him saying MY HEROINE!!! Why can’t he understand this simple thing!!

Trying to control her anger she was sitting on a chair and was keep on staring at him, which made Abhi smiled.
Abhi started to act and he was romancing with the heroine which made Pragya boil in anger and at times he looked at her direction as usual in his wide smile.
Pragya, Enough!! Is this why I am here to look at? I am leaving!
With that thoughts, she was about to stand up but someone called her.
Pragya looked back and was now smiling. Pragya “You are here?” Rakesh “Yes Pragya! It’s been such a long time that I saw u!” Pragya “What are u doing here?” Rakesh “Assistant Director!” Pragya “Wow! I am happy for u!” Rakesh then sat beside her and continued to talk to her. Abhi who was watching at this from distance was frowning at her. He couldn’t concentrate now.

Abhi, Who the hell is he? How can he talk to my Leiko!!
Abhi who was carrying the heroine then dropped her in shock when Pragya and Rakesh gave Hi 5 to each other.
Abhi “I am sorry….i was just…I am really very sorry!” Heroine “Ouch!! Are u here? You were keep on staring somewhere else instead of romancing me!!!” By saying that she threw tantrums but still Pragya and Rakesh were occupied with their talks.
Abhi “Enough! I will take a short break then I will act again!” Director “Okok sir…I will convince her and u take a rest for a while….” Abhi stomped towards where Pragya was laughing loudly and talking to Rakesh. Abhi was standing in front of them and Rakesh stood up but Pragya asked “Why are u standing up now?” Pragya then turned towards where Abhi was standing. Pragya in a low tone “Oh….you are here?” Abhi in a stern voice “You come with me now!!” Pragya “Wait….we are talking after a long time….Sit Rakesh….he is always like this….getting emotional for small things like this…..”

Abhi couldn’t stand it and he held her hands and bring her to his caravan forcefully.
Upon reaching the caravan, Pragya remained silent and looked away from him.
Abhi “Look at me!!” Pragya looked at him. He was breathing heavily in anger. Abhi “Who is he?” Pragya “Rakesh! My friend!” Abhi “So what? For that u have to forgot my presence?” Pragya “When did I say I forgot your presence?” Abhi “Then what was that? You were keep on laughing away with him!!” Pragya “Excuse me!! You were also keep on romancing that heroine too….” Abhi “That was my work!” Pragya “Then what I talk to him was pass time…” Abhi in a low tone “I don’t like your pass time…” Pragya turned behind and chuckled.

Abhi “You stay here….For pass time….” He wrapped his hand around her waist making her close to him. Pragya in shock “What are u doing?” Abhi seductively pulled her backwards with him and made her sit on the couch there. Abhi “For pass time….you watch the tv here!!!” Pragya was again blank and in response nodded her head.
Abhi with a smirk said “Now just stay here and watch tv like a good girl! If not I would turn into a bad boy!!” Pragya seeing this could only give a goofy smile.
Abhi closed the door and walked away. He was relieved that his Leiko is listening to him.
Abhi, I think I am becoming very possessive of her!! Leiko! but I can’t help limiting myself when you are not giving your attention towards me…..It’s all because of u! Why are u doing like this to me?

Abhi break something that belongs to Pragya which made her to cry in despair.

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