Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 33

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Abhigya reached home. Abhi was still silent and Pragya was keep on looking at him in sideways.
Pragya, I understand that he is worried about Sahana’s demise but his silence is not what I expect of……

Abhi walked up the stairs as fast as he could and Pragya followed him. Abhi stopped while reaching near his room. Pragya too stopped and saw him thinking something. Abhi not turning back said “Why are u following me?” Pragya “To be with u….” Abhi “You go to the room that you used to stay…” Pragya “Why? Now everything is fine right?” Abhi “Just do as I say Pragya….I am already tired….” Pragya came in front of him and asked “Why are u saying I should stay in that room?” Abhi in a pleadingly said “Pragya…I need some time to accept everything…until then leave me alone…” Pragya looked dejected by his reply and walked back to her room silently.

Pragya, How can he do like this to me when I confessed that I wish to be dependent on him! Why can’t he understand that I don’t like to stay here alone in this room?
Abhi was too tired to have thoughts about anything and he just slept. But Pragya couldn’t sleep thinking of his sudden changes.
She was keep on coming out of the room to check whether he is out of the room.

After a few hours,
Pragya knocked his door loudly and he lazily waked up to open the door.
Abhi opening the door looked at Pragya surprisingly. Abhi “What u want Pragya? Keep on following me or disturbing me!!” Pragya worriedly asked “Now I am Pragya for u??” Abhi “Your name is Pragya right? Then what’s the problem in calling u as Pragya?”
Pragya looked even more disturbed by his words.
Abhi in a loud voice asked “Now why are u looking like this?” Pragya “Nothing!! I am going!!” Abhi “Please go…I need peace Pragya!!” Pragya turned back and was crying silently as she was walking towards her room……
Pragya, Why is he doing like this? Can’t he see I am worried for him? I know he can’t accept his loss of friend but why can’t he see that I am trying to talk to him to make him feel better?

Abhi looked at her walking towards the room.
Abhi, I know you are concerned about me but I am thinking do I even deserve your concern?
He slammed the door making Pragya taken aback.
Pragya, Why does he have to be this much harsh with the door? He is just showing the anger on me towards the door!
She went to her room but didn’t close the door as she wants to know when he comes out of his room.

She was trying to make herself occupied by reading a magazine but was keep on looking at his room’s door.
Then suddenly, he opened the door. Pragya stood up seeing that and went near her doorstep. Abhi was dressed up in an outfit as if he is going out and she was confused whether to ask him where he was going. As if understanding her feelings, Abhi walked towards where she was standing and she was keep on looking at him with a light smile.
Abhi was still with a gloomy face said “I am going out….will be very late… so don’t wait for me and if u want u can eat dinner with Ronnie….bye…” Pragya hearing that was about to say something but before that he walked away.
Pragya, What is this?? I can eat dinner myself! Eat with Ronnie? Who is he to me ah? This Kiddy is just getting on my nerves!!
She was very angry now and went to the kitchen to cook her dinner by herself. As her mood was off she ended up not being able to cook and just ate bread for dinner.
She sat down in the dining area and ate her dinner slowly looking at the entrance of the house. The more she looked, the lonelier she felt as he was not around.
Pragya doze off to sleep and she was seen sleeping, resting her head on the dining table when Abhi entered the house.

Abhi with a faint smile, This Leiko na, is just not leaving me from her thoughts.
He carried her towards his room and was about to place her on his bed. He paused for a moment and realized what he was about to do. Abhi then carried her back to her room which was left open and placed her gently on the bed.
Abhi placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Abhi, Leiko….you are my light of my life….I want my light to be directed in the right direction in my life….for that to happen I need some time…so please wait Leiko for your kiddy!
Abhi was about to leave the room by closing the door and that’s when he heard her mumbling in sleep.
Pragya “Kiddy….don’t leave me….I need you….Kiddy….hug me kiddy!!!”
Abhi with a wide smile looked at her thought, Lovely Leiko….you are also dreaming like me!!
He gently closed the door and Pragya opened her eyes as she was just pretending to be in sleep when he carried her.
Pragya, He kissed me!! But then he is not even talking a single word even when he knows I am asleep!! He is caring and that’s why he carried me but why is he confusing to me now?

Pragya realized that she have to think of something else to know what is running in his mind.
Pragya waked up early as possible in the morning and was keeping herself busy by doing random things and that’s when she heard his footsteps when she was in the living room.
She remained to be not bothered by his footsteps and continued to arrange some of the things on the table. Abhi saw how she was doing something but was keep on looking at his direction.

Abhi called Ronnie and said something. Pragya couldn’t hear what he was saying as they were far from her but she saw Ronnie smiling in response to what Abhi said.
Abhi “Good morning!” Pragya looked around and Abhi “I am telling to u only!” Pragya in a low tone said “Oh…Morning….” Abhi asked “There is no good in your morning?” Pragya not looking at him said “What is good when everything is bad…..” Abhi looking at the direction she was looking said “Very true….You are right….Ok bye…” Pragya “Bye!!” Abhi “By the way, the direction u looked just now was looking at me too……I saw u looking at my reflection in the mirror there….” Pragya ignored him and continued what she was doing.
Pragya, When u know then why do u have to tell me? You could have just keep it yourself!

Abhi was keep on smiling how Pragya was trying to ignore him.
He left the house. Pragya looked at the direction he went and then walked up the stairs to his room.
Pragya, Maybe he could be hiding something inside his room just like how he is hiding something inside his heart.
She tried to open the door of his room and to her surprise it was not locked.
Pragya, Not bad….he didn’t locked the door. She was looking around his room and was imagining herself being with him inside the room.
Pragya giving a deep sigh said “I can only imagine all this when he is not even allowing me to stay with him now!”

She was setting his bed which was untidy with pillows scattered around and that’s when she heard his footsteps again!
Pragya, Oh no!! Is he like coming back??
She quickly hide under the bed and Abhi entered the room.
Abhi was frantically searching for something and realized the pillows were in an orderly manner. Abhi “I know u are here! Come out now!” Pragya, How did he even find me out so soon?

By saying that she came out and looked sheepishly at him. Abhi “I don’t have time to ask u why are u here or why u arranged my bed…so just continue your work and explore the room if u want! I am not scared as I am not hiding anything here….” Pragya gave a blank expression in response and Abhi “I am placing the room keys here on the side table….Lock the room after u finished cleaning and haan your belongings that was in the hotel will be back today….I had informed Ronnie about it…

Then most importantly remember u are still working for me…your designs is yet to be approved by me!! I need more from u!!” He said all that, Pragya was still looking blankly at him and just nodded her head in response. Abhi in a rush said “Bye again! Thank u too!” By saying that he walked away and Pragya was still blank in her reactions to his actions.
Pragya, What is he thinking of me? He tells me so many things as if nothing happened! The worst thing he is not even waiting for me to respond!!! Why is he always running away from me?

Pragya “What is there to see when my sea is not around me?” Abhi with a smirk asked “Your sea?” Pragya sadly said “You are my sea and you are not around me…..” Abhi smiled inwardly hearing that and he just walked passed her.

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