Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 32

Pragya looked at Abhi who was almost on the verge of tears. Pragya came closer to him and asked “Are u sure? Is someone telling it as a lie?” Abhi blurted out “Who will say this as a lie Leiko? It was Purab who told me this!!” Abhi broke into tears held onto the pillar as if it was his support. Pragya was also in tears and her heart couldn’t accept this.

Pragya “Let’s go….We don’t need to stay here like this…if there is any police issues we will face it…but now it’s important for us to go Sahana’s home!” Abhi in a monotonous tone said “You are right….Let’s go….” Abhi made a call and he was informed that his friend had settled the issue of not getting them arrested. By right, it was a moment of relief but Abhigya were completely broken by the news of Sahana.

Abhigya made their way to Mumbai with his car. It was a long trip, silence and tears were both their companion in that trip.
Abhigya reached Sahana’s house firstly and again there was a pin drop silence in the house with some relatives coming there. They looked around for her parents and they were sitting lifelessly near Sahana’s photo.

Pragya went and sat beside Sahana’s mother. He walked towards where Purab was standing. Purab “Abhi….you come with me….” Abhi “Where?” Purab “To Sahana’s room….” Abhi “No yaar…not now…” Purab “No u have to come now….there is something that she left for u to know…”
Abhi hearing that was confused but followed Purab to her room. Purab took her diary and said “She wants u to read this….” Abhi “Her diary?” Purab “Yes…please… read from the page where there is a bookmark placed….” By saying that he left the room leaving him alone.
Abhi opened the diary and saw that page

The hand writing was scribbled which made Abhi understand that Sahana wrote it in a rush. It also made him feel she wrote it in a rush as there was not much time left for her….
The following was written:

Written to clear some of his confusions…..
He flipped to the next page:
At times, accepting is easier than expecting…….
I wasn’t expecting to get friends like Abhi and Purab but I accepted them…..
Especially Abhi who was my very first friend…..there is a reason why I am very concerned about him….He is not only my friend but also my cousin….it’s surprising that he never realized that I am the same girl who played with him when he was very young.

I know now Abhi you will be wondering why I never tell all this to you….The reason is simple Abhi, I know if I tell u then u will help me in every way as possible….after all I am your favorite uncle’s daughter!
Now u know that your uncle is my dad! Yes he is my dad but I never accepted him as dad after leaving me alone and let me grow with people that I was unfamiliar of.
Luckily, he chose for me my foster parents who are not as ignorant as him……They are gems Abhi! Always put my needs as their first preference. You also know how they treat me…

But there is a very important thing that I have to tell u before leaving this world……That is about Pragya and u……
Abhi! I know u hugged and told that u love me that day for Pragya….I know u want her to hate you but….is that possible Abhi? Pragya is in search of u and maybe in this search you could have understand her love for you. I also know that u will be overwhelmed knowing her love for you.

But I have a very big question for u! Why do u love her?? I want u to tell one strong reason to her and confess that why do u love her!!
This is my last wish and will you fulfill that? You could be thinking why am I even wishing for this as my last wish? By right I should be wishing u to take care of my parents right? I know Purab and u will do that and Pragya will do that even more better! Pragya is also my friend and that’s why I made her to work with u….but I never expect my wish of both u to be together would happen very soon…..I happily accept that you two are made for each other……
But I am asking u this question as I find u always confused in your love… I guess to clear your confusion, finding an answer to this question can help u Abhi…..Will you do that?
-Why do u love her??-

With friendliness

Abhi flipped the next page and saw the photo of him and Sahana as babies with his uncle beside.
Abhi wondered, How caring are u Sahana as my friend and cousin….Even your last wish is about me? What did I do to owe this much of care for me?
Pragya opened the door and looked at Abhi staring at some photo. Pragya “Kiddy….” Abhi came back to senses and turned back. Abhi pondered, Why do I love u Leiko?
Pragya walked towards him and he was lost in his thoughts.

Pragya “Are you ok?” Abhi not looking at her said “Hmm…ya…” Pragya “I heard Sahana was stabbed when she was trying to save your uncle….” Abhi “I know….” Pragya “I know it’s not the right time to ask….but did she love u?” Abhi in shock replied “No!! Are u asking this because she died while saving my uncle?” Pragya worriedly nodded her head in response. Abhi “My uncle is her dad….that’s why she saved him….”

Pragya “Why did she never tell me this all the while?” Abhi “She never tell me too….” Pragya “Then how did u know now?” Abhi “She left a message for me….and that’s how I know…” Pragya in a low tone said “Okay….”
Abhi “Let’s go….” Pragya held his hand but he slowly removed her hands and walked in front of her.
Pragya was worried of his action.

Pragya “Why are u saying I should stay in that room?” Abhi “Pragya…I need some time to accept everything…until then leave me alone…” Pragya looked dejected by his reply and walked back to her room silently.
In another situation,
Pragya hiding herself in his room.

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