Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 29

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Pragya still closing her eyes was feeling an unusual kind of comfort and secured feeling. Pragya with a smile lazily opened her eyes saw Abhi embracing her with a tight hug. Pragya was keep on smiling but got shocked at the next moment of what she had done to him!

Pragya, Oh God! How did I do this? If he knows this then he will surely taunt me!!!

She tried to get up but his hug was too tight for her to even move. She slowly tried her best to remove his hands but the more she tried the more tighter his grip was.

Pragya, Now what do I do? Why is he hugging me so tight?

Pragya again tried and by then Abhi was awake and started to mumble “What are u trying to do?” Pragya “Leave me! You are hugging as if I am your pillow!” Abhi “Oh…..wait….” By saying that he loosened his grip and removed his hands. Pragya quickly waked up from bed and took her duppata to cover herself. Abhi in a lazy tone while getting up from the bed said “Sorry… hugged me then I just hugged u in sleep….” He said that by scratching his head.

Pragya looking at him was confused of how to tell him what she saw all over his face!

Abhi “Why are u looking so shocked? Did my hug hurt u?” Pragya shook her head and said “No….but…” Abhi “Ok! Let me go to your room and take your things! Pass me your room key!” Pragya screeched “No!! You can’t go out like this!!!!” Abhi “Huh? What u mean like this?” He looked himself from bottom to top and said “I am ok! What I am wearing is totally fine! Then why I can’t go out?”

Pragya looked around in the room and saw a jug of water. She poured a bit of water onto the edge of her duppata to wet it. Looking at her actions, he thought, What is she trying to do now?

Pragya came closer to where he was standing. Pragya in a worried tone said “I am so sorry….I also don’t know how this happened!” By saying that she started to wipe his face.

Abhi “Wait!! Show me your duppata!!” Pragya “No…please don’t see it!!!” Abhi raised his voice and said “Show me now!!!”

Pragya had no choice and showed it. Abhi was also shocked to see it. He turned towards the mirror and saw his face.

Abhi “What have u done to me? Itna kisses!!! Even my heroines never do this to me!!!” Pragya “Why do u have to always say MY HEROINES!!!” Abhi still looking at mirror while touching his face said “Okay….just heroines….But Why do u kiss me almost everywhere on my face? I know u call me kiddy but it doesn’t mean I am called kissing kiddy!!!” Pragya looked very embarrassed of her action. Pragya hesitantly said “I don’t even remember when I kissed u until like this!!!” Abhi “ You don’t remember or u don’t want to remember?”

Pragya “I am very sorry….in return of this…you can also….” Pragya the realized what she was about to say. Pragya, Oh god! Now what I was about to say!!!

Abhi was surprised but at the same time smirked. Abhi “Acha…In return I also can do this…” He said that by pointing at his face. Pragya “No! No!” Abhi walked towards her and she was keep on walking backwards in nervousness. Abhi walked towards her until she was pinned against the door of bathroom. Abhi in a seductive tone said “Can I do it also?” Pragya pleaded with her eyes closed “No….please…no…” Abhi giggled looking at her nervousness. Pragya was clueless of his giggle now. Abhi “Then move aside! Let me wash my face first!” Pragya was relieved and moved aside to give him way.

Abhi “You escaped today Leiko!!!” Pragya in return with shock said “What??” Abhi “We will settle this issue later!!” Pragya let a deep sigh as she saw him closing the door.
Pragya, How can I not even remember him kissing like this? I am clueless of this!!!

She was waiting for him to return and was keep on thinking how scared she was when he approached towards her. Pragya, I don’t know whether I was scared of his closeness but I know I was scared being affected by his closeness. She smiled with blush and was keep on looking at the bed. By then he came out wiping his face with a towel and saw Pragya smiling pleasantly looking at the bed.

Abhi “Excuse me? Now u remember about kissing me and u are dreaming about it?” Pragya just nodded her head without realizing what he was saying. Abhi came closer to her and asked “So how did u kissed me?” Pragya was still nodding her head lightly and looked at him who was in front of her now. Abhi “Are u day dreaming?” Pragya still lost in her thoughts nodded her head. Abhi smiled seeing it and placed his hand on her forehead. Pragya saw it and still nodded her head. Abhi “Very high! Love fever is very high!!!” Pragya still nodded her head with her eyes showing the love for him.

Abhi yelled “Leiko!!!!” Pragya came back to senses and asked “What happened? Are u fine?” Abhi “I am fine….but are u fine?” Pragya slowly removing his hand from her forehead said “I don’t know….” She walked away from him and looked at the window……

Abhi “Why u don’t know?” Pragya “I don’t know where is this going to end….I don’t know how is this going to end…..I don’t know what is this to end……” She was not facing him and was keep on looking at the sky through the window.

Abhi was behind her and asked “Why are u just thinking about ending?” Pragya “If something began then it have to end right? Everything have a limit…..” Abhi “True….but don’t you think it’s unnecessary to always think about limits and endings?” Pragya “If we never think then how are we going to prepare ourselves for the future?” Abhi “Why do u have to prepare for future? Why not just live the present?” Pragya with a light smile said “But even living in present is to prepare for future….” Abhi “Ok!!! This is like some philosophy discussion between us! I can’t continue this further!!!” Pragya “It’s okay…..some questions of mine are better to be not answered….that includes my love too…..” Abhi “What do u mean by your love?” Pragya “Leave it…I am not interested to talk about ths further too…” By saying that she turned back and walked passed him. But he went behind her and stopped her by holding her hand firmly. He made her face him. Pragya “Leave me! I need to go to my room!” Abhi “No!! You tell me about your love!!!” Pragya trying to remove her hand from his grip said “Please just leave this topic!” Abhi “You have to tell me about your love now!!” Pragya in a frustrated tone asked “What do u want now?” Abhi “Do u like me?” Pragya “NO!! I don’t like u!!” Abhi “What the hell?? You are saying u don’t like me but to some giraffe u said that u love me!” Pragya in stern tone said “He is not giraffe! And Yes I love u! So what??” Abhi questioned back “So what?? Then why are u saying u don’t like me??” Pragya looked at him with tears and Abhi was worried seeing her.
Pragya “I don’t like u as u are making me love u so much that I don’t like myself!!!” Abhi was about to say something but Pragya pleadingly asked “Please let me finish what I want to say first…..” Abhi nodded his head for her to carry on. Pragya “I don’t know….I mean I don’t know whether your presence or your character that I am loving… me everything was being independent in being life….that’s from the time my dad passed away…Being independent made me feel isolated from others….especially my family….i felt weaker if I am closer to my Ma or Bulbul….I try to ignore my feelings as I feel everything have to be limited in life….everything needs to be ended in some point of time…..but with u it was not like that….you completely changed my thoughts… with u makes me wanted to be dependent on u….I don’t know why I feel this way….maybe it’s because of love! Sometimes when I argue with u or talk to u, all I can feel is my love depends on your reactions…..your every reaction to my actions is also my love…..But I don’t like being like this…I mean I had dreams of achieving in my career but now I dream of being dependent on u….I dream of living with u not to be limited or ended at any point of time….That’s why I don’t like u as u are making me love u so much!!!”

Abhi hearing to all this could only hug her back with tears in his eyes. She too reciprocated to his hug. (Allah Waariyan plays at bg)
Abhi “Now I don’t know what to say!” Pragya also being teary eyed asked “Do you love me?” Abhi “Not to the extent that u love me! But yes I love u!!!” Pragya “That is what I need now….the rest can be just ignored.” Abhi holding her face said “No Leiko….whatever u said were your feelings and I respect your feelings! Not only you belong to me but also everything that is about u belongs to me….your feelings…your thoughts is all mine! I can’t easily ignore what u have told me….” Pragya looked at him with love filled with happiness for understanding her feelings.

Abhi too looked at her but he couldn’t resist himself after knowing that his Leiko loves him so much! He eyed on her lips and moved closer to kiss her lips. She closed her eyes looking at it and that’s when there was loud noise from someone knocking the door of the room they are in!

Pragya “All because of u!! That’s why we end up in this situation!!!” Abhi “Why only me?? It’s also because of u!!!” Pragya was annoyed and about to stand up. Abhi pulled her towards him and made her sit on his lap. Pragya was still angry. Abhi with a smirk said “Do u know something?” Pragya asked in a frustrated tone “What???” Abhi “Only with u there is chases like this…last time we were chased by goons and now by…….”

Thank u for reading and I am tired while typing this so there maybe mistakes so pls forgive me for that!

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