Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 28

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Abhi was keep on walking behind her and she was going to random places and talking to random people. She travelled either by taxi or just walked and Abhi also followed in her ways. Abhi seeing that thought, What is she doing? I am just clueless.

Pragya still couldn’t believe that she made him follow her. Pragya, Is he following me or following my love? I don’t know….but maybe he is following me because of my love for him……

Pragya finally reached the area around the hotel that they stayed. Abhi was finally relieved and said to himself, Finally! She is reaching the hotel! How long she made me follow her!!!

Just then she turned behind and Abhi was taken aback and he also quickly turned away so that she can’t see his face. Pragya seeing that chuckled. Pragya continued to walk towards the hotel.
Abhi, I need to find out which room she is staying now!

Pragya spoke something to the receptionist. In return, the receptionist smiled and Pragya passed the bag that she had received from the man.

Abhi, Why is she passing that bag that the giraffe gave her? Is the receptionist related to her and the man?

Pragya then took the stairs to her room and Abhi too followed her. Upon reaching the level, he was surprised to see it’s the same level that he stays.

Pragya went inside her room and Abhi was even more surprised to see she is just five rooms away from her!

Abhi, She is so near to me! And I never know this all this while!!!
He too entered his room with the memories of her.

Pragya, This was the most memorable day of my life where he followed me for my love….He is
always concerned about me….

Abhi, I am always affected by her presence….This is not right when I am here for some other purpose!!

He looked at her duppata that he kept in memory of her.

Abhi, You are always disturbing me Leiko! This is not fair!

Pragya looking at the jacket that he made him wear when she was all wet said I am always disturbed by your thoughts…..I don’t know whether is this fair or not…..But I know that u are also disturbed by me….just like me….

He hugged the duppata and slept as for her she hugged his jacket and slept…..
Both waked up in the evening and looked at the time.

Abhi, I wish to have dinner with Leiko!

Pragya, I wish to have dinner with Kiddy!
Both looked sadly at the door.

Pragya, Shall I just go and say that I am here!
Abhi, Shall I just go and ask her for dinner?
Pragya, But what if he gets angry on me just like the way he was with the receptionist?
Abhi, But what if she thinks that I am disturbing her just like the way she used to say?

Both were confused badly but they had the strong desire to spend time with each other.
Pragya, Never mind! I think I just eat in room itself.
Abhi, I just eat here! Why am I thinking this way? She is so disturbing!
Both ordered the same dishes and they were waiting for it to be arrived.

Abhi, What the hell? How long do I have to wait like this? I am already so tired by walking so many places and the food is still not coming!!!
Pragya was also frustrated by the room service and couldn’t stand it anymore. She called to enquire about this but the line was busy. She just walked out of the room with anger. To her surprise, Abhi was already making a fuss about this food issue.
Pragya, Oh god! He also ordered food and is arguing for it!

He turned behind suddenly and looked at Pragya who was very tired. Abhi stopped arguing and went towards her. Abhi “You also ordered food here?” Pragya was stunned and was keep on blinking her eyes.

Abhi “Tell me something!” Pragya “Yes….but….” Abhi “Ok come with me….” He never let her tell anything. He just held her hand and brought to his car. Pragya still couldn’t believe that he was talking to her. It was very unexpected to her.

Abhi “We are going to a restaurant nearby!” Pragya told softly “Okay…..” Abhi was still looking with a stern face and that made Pragya not to ask him anything further.

Abhi first got down from the car and opened the door for Pragya. She was amazed to see his gesture as he never used to do this before. Abhi “Get down!” Pragya then followed him. She was again amazed when he ordered all her favourite food. Abhi said in a demanding tone “Food has arrived and eat!” Pragya started to eat and he was at times looking at her with an intense look.
Abhi too ate the food and was smiling inwardly at her expressions that expressed surprise.
Pragya finished eating and looked at Abhi. Abhi “Good girl!” Pragya was about to say something but couldn’t as she was still unsure what if he gets angry…
Abhi “Let’s go!” Pragya nodded her head in response and followed him again. Suddenly, Abhi turned back which made Pragya scared and she fell onto the ground. Abhi “Why did u fall?” Pragya “It’s because of u!!! Why u turned back suddenly??” Abhi “Arrey it’s my wish when I should turn back! Do I have to ask permission?” Pragya yelled in pain but still continued in arguing with him.

Abhi “Listen! Just stop talking like this!” Pragya “It’s not my wish to yell like this!” Abhi shook his head in disbelief and said “I can help u if u listen to me!” Pragya “I am always listening to u! Now u listen to me!” Abhi “You are talking too much!” Abhi bent down slightly and took her duppata. Pragya “What are u doing?” He tied that around her mouth to make her stop talking! Pragya stared at him for his action. Abhi then made his attempt to carry her. Pragya was struggling and not allowing him to carry her!

Abhi “If u are not co-operating then I will have to tie your hands too!” Pragya stopped moving and Abhi then carried her in his arms. Pragya was feeling very uncomfortable. Abhi “I am just carrying u to the car!” Pragya nodded her head in response. He slowly placed her on the seat and then he drove back to the hotel.

Abhi opened the door for her and said “Just walk beside me so u can hold onto me!” Pragya by then had removed the duppata from her mouth and said “All because of u! If not I wouldn’t have fall and hurt my leg….” Abhi “Ya I know that’s why I am asking u to walk beside me….” Pragya held onto his hand for support and both walked to the elevator. She looked around and saw some of them staring at them weirdly….

Pragya “Why they were staring at us?” Abhi “Forget it…they are some press people….” Pragya “So what?” Abhi “They saw me na that’s why….” Pragya “But….” Abhi “Just ignore it…” Pragya reaching the level said “Ok I can manage myself….I will go to my room….” Abhi “Wait! You are not going there!” Pragya “Then where do I go?” Abhi “To my room!” Pragya “What?? No way!!”

Abhi “Listen carefully! The press people are here to spy on us!” Pragya “What? Why should they spy on us?” Abhi “They already somehow found me that I am here! Now they are here and will surely spread news that Abhi and his wife are living in separate rooms!” Pragya “How do u know this?” Abhi “Hello Madam! I am in this industry for so long and how can I not know the media’s mind?” Pragya with hesitation said “I….can’t stay… with u…” Abhi was not listening to her and just held her hand and pulled her towards his room.

Pragya was stunned and was keep on looking down. Abhi “You sleep beside me…and I will get u some ointment that I have….” Pragya “How can I sleep beside u?” Abhi “I can’t do demo! Just sleep…I am already tired Leiko! Don’t make me shout at u!”

Pragya, Why is he not understanding me? How can I sleep beside him? What if I hug him in my sleep? I always hug something like pillow to sleep and now what if I do that to him??

Abhi passed her the ointment and she applied it. She very hesitantly slept beside him turning away from him. He too turned away from her and was looking at the mirror in front of him that shows her back.

In the middle of the night, Abhi sensed something heavier on his body and he opened his eyes to see Pragya hugging him!

Abhi smiled looking at her and he too hugged her and slept peacefully.

Abhi “You are saying u don’t like me but to some giraffe u said that u love me!” Pragya “He is not giraffe! And Yes I love u! So what??” Abhi questioned back “So what?? Then why are u saying u don’t like me??” Pragya looked at him with tears and Abhi was worried seeing her.

Thank u everyone for reading and I am trying to work towards the end of this ff! I know some of u all are worried about its ending but I also can’t decide about it clearly but just felt like sharing with u all! And Priya! I have replied to ur comment! Glad to know that u are from neighbouring country! It’s been a long time I visited JB or KL…It’s really a long time as the last time I went I myself don’t remember as my parents said they brought me when I was 1 year old!! But my younger sister had visited through school trip! She is very lucky in that sense!

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  9. Really awesomeness …. I like the way a hi going be behind pragay … it so cute
    Yeah, we are neighbors by country and i also nvr visit singapore, I wish one day come and visit singapore.
    Singapore and Malaysia is just how many km different

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