Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 24

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Abhi waked up earlier than usual and saw Pragya still sleeping on her couch. Abhi, Let her sleep and let me make my plans for her to be sleepless later.
He was still looking at Pragya until she opened her eyes.
Pragya “What are u looking at?” She asked that while adjusting herself. Abhi raising both his eyebrows said “Nothing…” By saying that he walked out of the room and went to his room.
Pragya, If he wants to admire me then he can say it openly! What is stopping him? I have my own reasons but what is there to stop him?

By thinking like that she went to her room as all her things were there.
After freshening up, she was arranging some of her stuff that’s when he knocked the door. She opened the door and asked “What’s the matter Kiddy?” Abhi “Kiddy needs your kind help!” Pragya was not listening to him properly as she had a call from a phone. Her attention was towards the call.

Pragya signalled to him to wait and she attended the call. As for Abhi, he was waiting still standing near the doorstep. Pragya after talking looked at Abhi. Pragya “Do I need to ask u to come in?” Abhi “I need your permission right? After all this is your room….” Pragya “Kiddy….I am sorry for that…but now u no need to ask me….just come in!” Abhi stepped inside her room and asked “May I sit?” Pragya in a mocking tone said “No! Why are u keep on asking permission?” Abhi “Ok fine….just kidding…” He sat down on her bed and looked at Pragya who was standing. Abhi “You can also sit beside me….” Pragya “It’s ok…just tell me what u are here for!” Abhi “It’s important….very important!” Pragya “Ok…what’s that?” Abhi very innocently asked “I need your help Leiko…” Pragya asked in amazement “My help?” Abhi “Yes….it’s complicated though…first u have to close your eyes then close your ears….and lastly close your mind that is always making me confusing!” Pragya made a loud sound “Huh?” Abhi “I said na it’s complicated…just follow what I say so that u can help me….” Pragya hearing him thought, Now what is he up to…he is the one always confusing me…how am I even going to close my mind?
Abhi smiled inwardly looking her confused. Abhi “Very simple…” By saying that he took a paper out from the pocket of his jeans. Abhi “Read this and u will know!” Pragya took the paper from him and read it.

Pragya in shock “What is this?” Abhi “It’s in english right? Not arabic or some other language?” Pragya frowned at him and said “I mean….how can u decide this….You never even ask me anything!” Abhi “I know….but I really need help and I don’t have time to ask! Since u are at home itself I made you mine….” Pragya hearing that said “What did u say?” Abhi “I mean I made you my permanent personal stylist!” Pragya gritting her teeth said “But how can u? I feel like….” Abhi “I have no choice….if not it’s ok….I can see better girls for this job!” Pragya “Wait why only girls?” Abhi with a proud face said “They only can increase my glamour! You know make me look stylish and with a bit of glamour to attract female fans….” Pragya trying to control her jealousy said “Fine I agree to this….” Abhi “Great! You are already appointed and since u have worked before with me, you very well know how stylish my outfits needs to be!” Pragya with a sacarstic look said “Haan I know….what else?” Abhi “What else? I told u earlier right…Close your eyes then close your ears…lastly close your mind…” Pragya “I don’t understand what u mean by closing all this….” Abhi “Oh Lieko…u don’t understand ah?” Pragya nodded her head in response by not looking at him. He stood up and went closer to her. Abhi said in husky tone “Close your eyes now….” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “Just do as I say…then u will know…” Pragya closed her eyes.

Abhi “Now there is nothing seen in front of u….it’s dark…..just like that I want u to design outfits for me that are dark….but with a cool attitude!” Pragya still closing her eyes asked “Then why do I need to close my ears?” Abhi “That’s because u shouldn’t listen to others who give unnecessary suggestions!” Pragya “Ok….how about closing my mind? Without my mind how am I even going to think of designs?” Abhi “That one I just told in a flow yaar….not that important….” Pragya “You are unbelievable!” Abhi with a smirk said “You too and u are still closing your eyes!” Pragya opened her eyes and mentally scolded herself for listening to his every word. Abhi “Close your mind now! I don’t want you to scold yourself!” Pragya “I am sorry….” Abhi “So u were really scolding yourself?” Pragya “Then it means u just asked it in a guess?” Abhi “Ya then u think what I am some mind reader?” Pragya mumbled to herself, I wished you could be a mind reader of mine…..only mine….

Abhi “Ok! Enough of talking! You should get back to work! Ronnie will pass u the further details!” By saying that he gave a quick hug to her and left from her room. He looked back and saw Pragya being in shock. Abhi from a distance yelled “Hey Leiko!” Pragya looked at him. Abhi “That was just a friendly hug! No bad thoughts please..” Pragya in a low tone said “I know…” Abhi “Then why are u shivering in shock?” Pragya “Too cold…AC is too cold….” Abhi “I understand it happens…take care….”
By saying that he walked back to his room. Abhi keep on smiling thought, Her shivers in shock sends me shiver to my body too. Shivers that release my love towards her…..

Pragya, For some reason I am feeling he is trying to understand me….Is he trying to slowly reveal his love to me in a way that I can’t deny?
Abhi, I know I have to tell her that I am not responsible for the awkward situation that happened before! Yes I kissed her suddenly but that was accidental as someone at the back of me pushed towards her and I kissed her accidentally…but it was embarrassing to both of us as it was in front of all her colleagues. I know it would have been awkward to her and that made us avoided each other for weeks. I need to tell her this before I clear some other things between us…..
That was why Pragya was angry towards Abhi. This was when Abhi forgot to end the call, Purab managed to hear their conversation where Pragya will be talking harshly to Abhi and Abhi will be telling Pragya that he can explain for what had happened. But Pragya was in no mood to hear his explanation. (This was in one of the earlier updates!)

Pragya was hiding and hearing Abhi saying something to Sahana. Abhi “I am searching something from her Sahana…Do you know why I am always after her but before that I am maintaining a distance with her?” Sahana “Why? Is it because u owe her for what your Uncle was responsible for her family’s plight?” Abhi “No!” Sahana “Then is it because u love her?” Abhi “No!” Sahana “Then for what are u doing all this?” Pragya was eagerly waiting to know the reason and when she heard the reason Pragya was unable to stay in that place anymore……

I know it’s short but I am tired as usual! Sorry for that! Thanks for reading!

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