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Hii friends….

Let’s presenting a piece of work by Arundhati and Lover….

A line dedicated to our friendship…

Aapke Paas Dosto Ka Khazana Hai,
Par Ye Dost Aapka Purana Hai,

Iss Dost Ko Bhula Na Dena Kabhi,

Kyuki Ye Dost Aapki Dosti Ka Deewana  Hai…

Its enough of our talks now…..

Bhangade di queen
Mai da kudi so haseen..
… Maida uvi hai kamarkarida….

Oh…. Urgh! This twinkle  bhi na…. Subah subah mere nind tudvaye bina rahegi nahi…. Exclaimed mahi….

From downstairs twinkle  screamed while  doing work out …. Utth ja kumbhkaran ki behen…. College 30 minutes  mai shuru  honewala hai.

Aa rahi hu…. Bhootni
Exclaimed  mahi  while getting  ready…
Such was the relation of these taneja sisters…..

They complemented  each other…..

But… But…

Some feelings  r always unsaid…. So was the case here….

Both were bright students….
Mahi was the star of performing arts while twinkle outshined everyone in creative art like writing  and painting…..

They were poles apart yet  the best friends…

Mahi was as eruptive as the volcano…
While  twinkle was as calm as the still waters….

Mahi was outgoing  and bold…
While twinkle was shy, conservative  yet  stunning…..

Though the vast differences in their  personalities  there was no void in them….

Now came the part which they themselves  were unaware of…..
Of their feelings…..

Kunj Sarna…. The star of their college…..
He was a born performer….
Spontaneous  and sensitive  at the same time….
He was like the air…. Touching  and helping  everyone in his way….
A wonderful  personality….
And a greek god…. Hence girls  drooled over him….

Mahi had a secret crush on him…
And was looking for ways to finally  reach him…..

But what she didn’t knew was that her dear sister had also set her  heart on him….

AND as the tame person she(twinkle) was… She would never say it…

Yes twinkle taneja  secretly admired him…. She loved him to infinity.. But in no circumstances  she would  confess it aloud…. She pore  all her feelings  in her dear diary… Her friend  forever…. It had  all her secrets…..

Now kunj was their common frnd…
They all were in a big group…..

But he was  oblivious  to  all these feelings going  around…..

What all didn’t  knew were kunj ‘s dreams and perception….

No one ever had the need  to see the vulnerable  face behind his happy face…. But only twinkle  knew… For this she always tried to cheer him up in varied ways…….

Days rolled….

Then one day while  searching  a book.

 A diary caught  mahi’s attention….

While taking it out… Her gaze fell on a photo in it….

To her suprise cum shock It was kunj’s photo…. She reads the diary and her anger knew  no bounds…..

She  went down and screamed  at twinkle…..

Mahi:twinkle… Kyu…. Plz… I like kunj…. Why u have  to do this…. And she started  crying…

Twinkle  however  hurt she would get… But she herself being  the compassionate  one would always tend to help  others….

She consoled  her  and  said… 

Twinkle :mahi u know…i Iuv u more than any one…. Even kunj
Only she knew it was a lie…
I will back out….

Hearing this mahi ‘s face lit up and she smiled and so did twinkle  by keeping  stone on her heart….

That night  was the worst for her….
From now on she could also not love the person whom her heart wanted to….

Days went…
Then kunj broke the news of him

Joining  the army….. 

Only twinkle  knew his dreams and hence she was proud  of his  achievements 

But the others  sulked….

At the same time mahi had somehow managed a date with  kunj….

But when  she heard  it… She felt a pang of sadness and anger  and she thought…. 

Am i that strong…. Am i really  meant for him

… Then she remembers  twinkle….
She joins  the pieces  and  realisation  strucks her that  how much  so ever she liked him… Twinkle was the right  person for  him…bcoz though  not  expressive   she was a very strong person…. And kunj needs a person like her…. And somewhere  she Realised  that what she  feels for kunj is just a mere attraction and it  will die with  time… But  twinkle  loves  him purely….

And thats how she persuaded the relenting twinkle  to go on the date instead of her….


And hence twinkle was present in the garden… In place of  mahi…

She was hell nervous….
She had wore  a simple long skirt and short kurti….
Yet she looked stunning…

Just then she heard some noise and turned behind  to find kunj mere meters  away…..
She muttered  a hi…
He replied .. Hi

And as a gentleman  he held her hand and made her sit… And he sat…

He said..

I think mahi should have been here… But  you are here.. And i guess its better… I would have  also preferred  it…
Hearing it twinkle blushed a little and Smiled…

They talked a little and then out of nowhere kunj said…

Ku-twinkle u love me right?


Twinkle… Was taken off guard… She stammered….


Ku-don’t b scared…. I know  u do… So don’t  u dare deny it… I had somehow  read ur diary… I agreed to mahi to keep her  heart…. And i just wanna say… I LUV U TWINKLE TANEJA… HOWEVER YOU ARE ….


After  hearing  it…. Twinkle was numb for  a moment…. It was like heaven  has showered  blessing  on her…. She couldn’t  believe  it….


She just smiled and saw kunj kneeling  in front of her… He said… 

Kunj -Miss.  Taneja…. I know that you were the one who always makes me smile in unknown  ways… You knew about my dreams and me more than myself…. And my dream is army… And i always needs a wonderful, strong person like you in my side…


Twinkle will you be my partner.. My soul mate? Having  you in myside i can fight With any one…

Twinkle was awestruck  with  the turn  of events…
Her joy knew no bounds…

She smiled and replied Yes MR. KUNJ SARNA…. 

AND  he snuggled her to  him in his arms… She was engulfed in his protective  hold…. That was the most awaited and best moment for both….

Twinkle was proud of her kunj for he was so selfless and was gonna dedicate his life for the country…


And kunj was proud of his twinkle for she had the courage  to take a life as a soldier’s  wife…. She turned out  to be  his anonymous  ultimate  strength….


On the otherhand mahi….

She was slowly realising what silly mistake she was doing by making two love birds apart. She get to know kunj and twinkle are perfect couple made for each other.

She is slowly moving out of all these when she meet with Yuvraj Luthra.

Their first meeting was like….

Mahi and Yuvi both are coming from opposite direction and they bumped into each other. It makes both to loose their balance and they both fell on the ground. And after that comes the world war 3. Both starts to fight like cat and dog.

Yuvraj Luthra was cousin brother of kunj and new to college.  He was most stylish and choosy type. He loves his brother more than anything. Actually he was secret lover of………

As the time passes by….

Kunj and twinkle relationship has become strong so as the friendship of mahi and Yuvraj.  Yes With time mahi and Yuvi becomes best friend. As time changes everything. 

And slowly day by day mahi was again falling for someone but she was ignoring this. As thinks it’s just a mere attraction like last time but this time twinkle made mahi to realise that she is in love.

Mahi made a plan to propose him . But before she can here comes another volcano in her life. She got the biggest shock of her life i.e. A page of Yuvi personal dairy.

Yes guys Yuvi was the one with whom mahi fall in love this time. We can say true love.

But that dairy changes everything.

It was like…..

Dear love, 

                    I can’t even explain how much i love you. It was like love at first sight. You know What  i don’t even know your name. I just know you are my love. Your simplicity makes you look amazing. All i know what is i love the way you smile, you talk and the most important thing is i love to love you…..

Yes i love you my unknown lady.

                                   Your and only yours,                                                   Yuvraj. ….

It was suprise for mahi that Yuvraj loved her from first day.

It makes mahi on cloud nine.

But the next second her heart broke into pieces…..when she find his dairy envelope on the drawer.

It contains 

Dear love,

                 How can i even think like this about you. You are just made for my brother kunj. I get to know you are of kunj and i want you to belong to him only. From now on I will try to stay away from you…..


                                          Secret admirer…

Mahi was just engrossed in reading the diary pages… 


        Till today i am not able to forget you. I know its wrong to love you. But you are like this only. No one can stop himself from loving you. I love you from core. Today i want to confess you one thing that i will never been able to give your place to anyone. You will be in my heart always and no one can take that place from you. 


Till now mahi had started to cry bitterly. Her hand was stammering and because of which envelope falls and a picture of twinkle comes out.

She silently wiped her tears and ran out of his room. 

Time passes by…..

And now mahi mostly use to stay alone in her room. She was like lifeless body. Twinkle also use to explain mahi that Yuvraj wants to meet her. But after the realization of truth she doesn’t want to meet him. She neither has courage to explain this matter to anyone. 

On the otherhand Yuvraj was depressed because mahi was not ready to meet her. He was thinking something when he found that envelope under the bed which make him realise reason for mahi behaviour.

And then he planned everything with help of twinj. He planned his fake accident which makes mahi tensed. As soon as she heard the news she ran towards the spot where she finds a suprise waiting for her….

Yuvraj was on the knees waiting for her with a heart shape balloon.

Mahi was just suprised to see all this. She just runned and hug Yuvraj. When Yuvraj hugged her back. They are in each other embrace when Yuvraj broke the silence…..

Yuvraj: Mahi (it makes mahi back in reality)…I love you….. Will you marry me? 

Mahi doesn’t replied and start to run as fast as she can….

She reached to the edge of the road and is about to fall when twinkle saves her. 

And they make her realise that the truth she knew was the half. 

Yuvraj narrates mahi everything that there was a time when he loves twinkle. But when twinkle and kunj makes him understand he get to know it was a mere attraction. And i got to know what true love is? By loving her.

Mahi hugged Yuvraj. 

3 years later….

Twinkle is seen waiting for kunj in the hospital. She is 9 months pregnant. Kunj comes in his army dress and salutes to twinkle.  Mahi and Yuvraj are seen waiting outside….When crying sound of twins are heard. Twinkle and mahi as well as kunj and Yuvraj hugged each other. Babies are seen together….Tera mujhse hai pehle ka nata koi yuhin dil nahi lubhata koi is playing on the background…….

                          “The End”

So guys tell us your views in comment box……


Miss you all…..

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  1. Adya

    Wonderful yrrr…it was breathtaking ….I mean wooooww…
    Beautifully wonderfully penned…
    plZzzzz write more guys …..plzzz……
    Loads of love

  2. Hiiiiii…….i m silent reader of both 2 ur ff………Omg…………lover and arundhati…..i missed u sooo much…….it felt like good to see u back……m glad that u to back……and its awesome,,,, fabulous,,,,and beautiful…….. i love it veryyyyyyy much yaaar……..and lover plssss come back with ur story’s……..I m waiting 4 it……and u both write like more with ur collaboration………luv u both lotssssss…tc…byyyyyy……,,,,,,,,,

  3. Lovely n arundhati
    I’m so happy dat u have written IS n it was superb amazing fabulous loveed it n love u guys n do write more

  4. Wow lovely os guys loved it

  5. Simiyy

    It was lovely
    You should write more

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely os

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Kunj as an army men.. awesome track it ws.. hope u write more like these

  8. Kruti

    That was cute……d best part of this was every character got justice equal importance to all
    Indeed a good one…..Liked it

    Loads of Love 🙂

  9. SidMin23

    This is superb and keep writing.

  10. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂 I just Loved it 🙂 Keep writing such stories 🙂 Love you both 🙂

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