Soulmates…… IKRS (Episode 5)

Soulmates……. IKRS Episode 5

Hello everyone…. Here goes the 5th episode of Soulmates….. Happy reading!!
The episode starts with Viplav seeing Dhaani down from the balcony. Dheere dheere instrumental plays… Dhaani is seen smiling along with the girls. Viplav has a wide smile on his face and he is unaware of that. Daadi holds him and sees him smiling. She looks down to see what is making her grandson smile and finds Dhaani with an adorable smile and looks back to her grandson. She thinks if this is a miracle and smiles. She then goes down thinking she did right by bringing Viplav with her because he smiled seeing a girl besides me for the first time after that incident. Viplav is still all smiles…but then gets conscious by the phone ringing in his pocket. He takes the call and asks his subordinate to manage things in his absence and goes down talking in the phone. He turns to the same place from where he could watch Dhaani smiling but then finds her gone…and goes back.

Dhaani is seen along with the ladies. Meera and Tanya come to her and show the dress for Meera’s haldi ceremony. Dhaani likes it and their friendly bond continues. Then, Meera asks the girls to choose a yellow dress as she wants her besties to wear yellow. Tanya screams like yellow theme… Meera says great idea…. Ladies are busy in their arrangements….And girls in their own…Viplav passes by there and watches all the arrangements. He reminisces doing arrangements back then… A flashback is shown… Lovely arrangement is shown… Viplav is seen with a girl… he asks if she liked the arrangement. The girl makes faces and says who will like this bakwas arrangement… and boasts about boys who are ready for her. Viplav feels heartbroken. The girl goes from there. Viplav stands there… Viplav comes out of the flashback and thinks he is here because of Daadi…otherwise he would have never come here. Everything is a lie here. He says Daadi says I will get someone in my life…This is all rubbish… Every girl is same…they know how to hurt people…they know how to break the promises. In the meantime, Dhaani comes from behind.. and hears Viplav. Dhaani looks on and thinks what’s his problem. Viplav turns back to see Dhaani and gets mesmerized seeing her in yellow lehenga Click Here

Lage re lage …laage re nazariya laage re …laage re….jab se tere naina mere naino se laage re (From Sawariya movie) plays….

Viplav keeps looking at Dhaani.. Dhaani looks at him with her hands resting at both sides of her waist. Dhaani says what do you think of all girls…dekhiye you are mistaken…so you better change your views… without understanding anything…please don’t jump into conclusion without knowing anything…. Viplav looks on and says Look… Miss… Dhaani raises her brows and says Dhaani… My name is Dhaani…and she raises her finger…and says look Mr.Viplav…you cannot say the same thing to every girl you find… I don’t know what happened in your life…but please atleast… Listening this, Viplav looks on and says Enough…Dhaani gets shocked and steps back. Viplav moves forward. Dhaani asks him to stop. Viplav moves forward. Dhaani leans her back to the wall not getting the space to go beyond. She is frightened seeing Viplav move forward. Viplav comes close to her. They can feel each other’s breath.

Beginning tune of Chaand Chupa Badal Mein plays….Dhaani breathes heavily. Viplav who pinned Dhaani in the wall looks at her. And says When you don’t know anything,then don’t jump into conclusion Miss Dhaani… save your lecture for others…This won’t work on me… And yes….stay away from me.. That would be good for you. He turns to go. Dhaani tells him she is not afraid of him. Viplav turns to her and says Really!! Good for you. Dhaani comes to him and says you made mistake by doing this..don’t show me your face again. And turns to go. Viplav turns and sees Dhaani’s ear ring fallen.Viplav thinks he does not need to help her as she is no one to him. Viplav reminisces Dhaani saying she does not want to see his face. But then Viplav bends to pick that up….. Mere ishq ka rang plays….. Viplav says Maharani went dropping her earrings… he has to now bear her for one more time… He takes those earrings and puts it in his pocket. Ishq ka rang safed continues to play…..

Later, the haldi ceremony is about to start when Dhaani notices her one earring is missing. She thinks where did she drop it. She looks here and there. Tanya asks if she is fine. Dhaani says her earring is missing. Tanya says she will also help her. They go.
Here in room, Viplav is working and Daadi comes to him. Daadi says she will be busy downstairs and haldi is gonna be start soon. Viplav smiles and says he will take care of himself and asks Daadi to go and enjoy. Daadi smiles and asks if he will not come. Viplav says Daadi?? What will I do there?? Daadi smiles and says you know what happens in haldi… Viplav smiles at his kidding Daadi…and says go.. I have work…aur waise bhi mujhe thodi haldi lagana hai…you go and enjoy… Daadi says fine and turns to go …but then her eyes stop to see the earrings on the table kept beside phone. She looks at Viplav who is busy in work and thinks what’s this change Bhagwanji?? and goes smilingly thinking jo bhi ho…Viplav khus rahe…
On coming down… Daadi sees Dhaani searching for earring… She calls out Dhaani.. and says Viplav said he has your earrings…haldi hai..toh wo yaha aa nahi sakta…you go to him..and bring your earrings… Dhaani looks on and reminisces the moment they were together…and says Daadi…how can I just go like this?? Daadi looks on and says Phir thik hai… I will bring it for you…and starts to walk limping her foot. Dhaani sees this…and says Daadi…you be here. and makes her sit…She looks at Daadi and says she will bring… Daadi shows her the room.She walks reminiscing her saying that she won’t look at his face…and begins to go…. Daadi smiles….
On reaching the room..she knocks the door. Viplav says come in… Dhaani sees him… and says earrings… Viplav turns to see and says Oh… and shows towards the table. Dhaani sees her earring lying besides Viplav’s phone and hurriedly takes it from there. She turns to go.Viplav says You are welcome…. Dhaani stops and turns ,says Hahn!! Viplav says I thought to say you are you were not in a mood to say thank you… Dhaani looks on…and says very funny…. Viplav smirks. Dhaani goes from there…At reaching the door…she turns back to say Shukriya…and goes fixing her earring. Viplav looks on.

Precap: Surprise…..

So guys…. hope you like this … Please do drop your valuable comments….. Please read it…. I remember the days comments in my ff…used to reach 20-30+…but nowadays…it has become less…probably because everyone is not regular here…. But please…do read it and fan fictions by other beautiful ladies in IKRS group…contribute your little time……
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And yes….if you want to read previous episodes…here are the links :

  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Sujieeeee yeh kia tha yaar?? tum na mujhe pagal kar diya larki?? don’t know why but while reading this I was having tears maybe of joy.. spectacular!! That’s what I can say? just loving this different avatar of VIPLAV?? I’m seriously melting right now and can feel butterflies inside me?? thanks for giving such a lovely episode❤❤ I just loved it to the core of my heart that’s because I love tashan wale love stories and it is same as I dreamed of?? when that *jab sey tere naina song* played I quickly turned it on and while reading *chand chupa baadal mai* came and seriously without thinking anything I switched on this one❤ Thank u so very much for using these beautiful songs on ViDha and by God its really very pleasure to imagine them in these adorable songs?? I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed this ride, their cute yet amazing and lovely nok jhoks are making me crazy plus I’m gonna read it again.. Sujie u caught me again??
    U are a rockstar and I’ll feel no regret to say so??
    Precap; Gosh! U increased my excitement, what will be the surprise which is coming ahead I bet it will be more precious than this one? I’m waiting for it EAGERLY? though it’s time for MRDL!!
    And u are correct, comments are becoming less so I’ll request everyone to share their views read fictions as it will refresh ur minds and then it takes little time of urs!! But Sujie don’t think about no. of comments yaar we are here naa that’s it just keep giving us stories kuch bhe hojai I’ll always be there to read something written by u or other writers❤❤
    Lastly love u for sharing this glorious episode!! Come back soon with a brand new episode?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Sorry for again disturbing u actually I forgot to mention about the dress, amazing tha yaar?? yellow candy? zabardast!!

    2. Sujie

      Maha….. Thank you meri jaan…???????sorry for replying late…..woh kya hai na…I was waiting for few more readers to comment…par woh aaye hi nahi??
      Thank you for all the tariff dear?????????☺️☺️☺️
      Rockstar….. ❤️❤️❤️ Hayee….. This is the reason I am always looking forward to your views…… Thank you dear… You never miss a chance to encourage me ???
      And I will post the next part soon… Chahe sablog padhe ya nahi….but deep down my heart…I believe TUM HO…. Who will read it and enjoy it …. ????☺️☺️??
      Keep supporting dear…
      Love you a lot ???

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      No need to sorry dear as I also do the same waiting for all readers to comment!! And don’t be sad yaar, I’m sure they have read but haven’t commented due to some work as one can’t resist by reading it?? actually Aish is missing, Maria is on ziarat, Megha is bust in papers, Areeb is also missing I think because of her exams which are almost near, Shruthy has came back and she will be here soon, now who is left yes Aanya di she will be here soon now don’t be disheart else I’ll start crying.. u know quite emotional?? and yes u are my rockstar?? and not only me all will be there to read ur work so now smile and be happy?
      Love u too❤❤

    4. Sujie

      Okay… Will wait for them to read and share their views….
      Don’t cry rey… Mein roh dungi warna…
      Thank you for your support dear…. Lots of hugs and love ….. 🙂 🙂

  2. Mariyam123

    Hi Sujie di? Sorry for the super late comment.. Actually I had read it the day u posted only but then forgot to comment? So sorry… Talking about the episode, it was superb.. Dhaani’s dress was ???.. I hope u will soon make them fall for each other? Keep going dear.. Can’t wait for the next episode??

    1. Sujie

      Mariyam..thank you for your comment Chuttku???
      No need to say sorry … came at last….that’s enough…
      I will try to post the next one soon….and do read MRDL too…. If you get time ….

  3. Areeb

    Yaaaaaar Sujita!! This was so so very cute!! I read twice! I never did before, but this was so light and cute that I read it again! ? Imagining Mishal in this character is gives butterflies! ❤ I mean, I really loved it! I’m impressed! You really know the art twirling scenes with the very ease. That was flawless, Dadi being an bridge between the two, started limping, that was actually very cute and a fine molding of scene.
    Wesey tou I don’t really praise the love shots, but still ye dur dur ki mohabbat, undekhi khushi is way too CUTE TO READ AS WELL IMAGINE!! ?
    Precap says, surprise . Well, I’m. And want to be. ?

    1. Sujie

      Finally …you are here….
      Thank you for your comment Areeb…
      Glad that you liked it…. And yes… Daadi is so cute…
      Keep supporting dear…
      Lots of love…
      I will try to post as soon as I get free…but I am having classes…assignments…so not gettinv time for post next part….

  4. Angel20

    I’m so sorry di for commenting so late but you know I was really busy, please maaf kar do.
    Ok so now coming to the episode, it was ekdum jhakkas! Ishq ishq?? really yaar.. Viplav adoring Dhaani and smiling at her was awwwww?? and about the surprise I guess it will be Vidhaa dancing *romantic one* I hope it comes true… And dadi is as always sweet..
    Post the next part soon very eager to know the surprise☺☺

    Loads of love

    1. Sujie

      And ….lots of love to you too dear…..
      Hugs and kisses too…. 🙂

  5. Sujie

    Maria…meri jaan….no problem at all dear… Glad that you came….
    And thank you for your comment dear….
    Talking about surprise…. Surprise toh SURPRISE HAI…aise kaise boldun.. But haan…i will try to fulfill your wish … Hope it turns out well…. Thank you once again dear…keep supporting 🙂

  6. AanyaSingh

    Sujie Dear, what a WONDERFUL Writer You are???. First of all thank you for giving all the links at one page, I cud read them in continuation (actually I feel a bit lazy wen I have to search individually for each epi?) & i enjoy reading like this one after the other?. And I must say, a thoroughly enjoyable read it was??specially the third episode. So I’ll say little little abt each epi if u don’t mind. Starting with the first one, a very nice intro with we getting a peek into the minds of ViDha abt their thoughts on love & marriage & a slight indication also that perhaps their coming close might not be so easy. In the second one, the way u have shown the Sweeeeet bond btwn Vips & Daadi is Amazing. The way Daadi takes care of Vips, making him eat food from her own hands, caressing him & for Vips( for now), in a way his whole world revolves around her only, Beautifully described???. The BIT of fb gives a little clue to Vips’ distrust on every relation for now. But destiny perhaps has its own plans for them & has started working already with Daadi getting a call from her friend to attend her granddaughter’s marriage & she insisting Vips to accompany her & on the other hand Dhaani being forced by Meera to attend her marriage in Lucknow. And the third one, goodness, i loved it really??. Both Viplav & Dhaani in FIGHT MODE???. And the way u have described their nok-jhok, SUPERB yaar ??. Poor Vips being called “akal se andhe insaan” & on asking did she say so to him, what reply does he get!! “yes aur Koi doubt mat rakhna” & i burst into laughter????. Then “apna sadaa hua wallet lijiye aur jaaiye, Dunia mein idiots bhare pade hain, unhe mein se ek mil gya tha” & the most funny by Viplav ” Dunia mein paagal khule aam ghoom rhe hain”?????, God, quite a laughing stock???, even now I’m laughing writing this??. Good sense of humour??. Then in the last scene wen Dhaani comes to sit in the front, the way Vips forwards his hand to her unknowingly & the eyelock was a cute one?. Coming to the fourth one, a little bit nok-jhok continues here also with Dhaani mimicking him & Vips seeing her “nakhre”, enjoyed it. The convo btwn Daadi & Vips in the ending scene of the episode was so touching. And the last PERFECT shot with Daadi saying “khushiyaan zarur aayeingi” & the simultaneous( unknown to himself) smile on Vips’ face on seeing Dhaani, Wonderful????. And now coming to the current one, this hide & seek of nok-jhoks & the developing feelings is giving the story a natural progression. Though reading the fb did make me a bit sad. It is yet another clue to Vips’ changed behaviour but prompting me to guess that what actually happened must have been quite intense as to make him quite averse to relationships & love & all. Vips getting mesmerized seeing Dhaani in the yellow dress & almost immediately the fighter mode getting on, again both feeling each other’s breath & then both glaring at each other which continues till the end, very nicely written???. And now I’m really eager to know the Surprise??. Great job dear, keep going?????? & post the nxt as soon as u get time??.

    1. Sujie

      Finally you came…. 🙂 🙂
      And yes
      …thank you for your superb comment…. I am glad that you managed to read all the episodes….and loved your mini explanation and your views about each episode….. Love you…. Really happy that you liked it….
      Aur haan…itni tarif mat karo…marjaaungi mein….
      No i am not tired of reading it dear
      … I am jumping in excitement…literally thinking you rad all those episodes…… Seriously…love you a lot….and please keep the support going….i will try to post soon and not disappoint you 🙂

    2. AanyaSingh

      Sorry dear, epis k baare mein likhne mein i actually forgot to apologise for being soooooo late in commenting. Taareef k haqdaar ko Taareef to milni hi chahiye. And I’ll always b there for all of U yaar, we r family, saath milkar hi chalenge??. And there’s no question of disappointment yaar, i perfectly understand ur busy & hectic schedules, studies & all, so don’t worry abt that, post wen u get time?☺️. The family will always patiently wait for ur ffs?. Take care??.

  7. AanyaSingh

    OMG, this little little has become really too much. Please forgive me if u get tired of reading it??. I really have to shrink myself but not sure if I’ll b able to do it or not???

    1. Sujie

      Thats so so so sweet of you Di.. Will try the post the episode ASAP…but dunno if I will be able… Keep supporting dear…. That’s gonna be oxygen for me 🙂

  8. Aiswarya

    Di I’m so excited now post it soon . I can’t believe I missed these episodes ??

    1. Sujie

      Aisu…Thank you dear… Keep supporting…aur ab miss mat karna…I will try to post tomorrow or day after that

    2. Aiswarya

      I will surely try not to miss it

    3. Aiswarya

      I will comment also …..I’m missing u guys very badly

  9. Shruthy

    Sorry sorry sorry. I seriously thought I have commented this. But… I am actually Ghajini’s choti behen.
    So yeah. I loved the way Viplav was completely fascinated at Dhaani’s cuteness, innocence, natural beauty. The way he stared at her while she was talking to her friends, that was something else girl. Ad then the “naughty” Daadi who already imagines her pyaara sa potha with Dhaani HAHA. Her plans are so perfect.
    Ok so Viplav has indeed a horrible past related to a girl, for what he doesnt want to talk about marriage and love. The truth is indeed being slowly revealed, and I guess that we will come to know about it entirely very soon.
    But Daadi tho Daadi hoti hai. She cares for her grandson’s happiness. And so she tries to get her Viplav with a girl, like Dhaani.
    Dhaani hears him badmouthing about girls, that their love is fake. But then I found it so adorable the way he was adoring Dhaani in that white and yellow dress (and so was I in my imagination, because she really looked elegant). He was speechless in front of her elegance that he was mum, while she was looking at him angrily.
    HAHA he always forgets her name, and she is way cute when she angrily repeats it to him. It’s like a child who repeats it. Liked the fact who made it so.
    But then a “close-being” takraar between the future lovebirds. Each time I get to see or read such romantic – or not – moments, I immediately turns out to be red-cheeky, and thenand I smile. And that happened here also, though it was not even romantic. But the BG song was … <3
    Viplav and Dhaani promising each other not to meet again but destiny is all against their decisions, as cupid already united them. That lost earring part was my favourite. I mean Viplav could have left it on the ground. Lekin nahin. He took it with him and kept it until she comes back to ask him about it. And Daadi has such eyes man, she notices all the facts that link Dhaani to Viplav. She saw the earrings and immediately goes to Dhaani to alert her about them being in Viplav's room. First hesitant, then Dhaani herself goes to meet Viplav in his room, after facing Daadimah's nautanki.
    The scene in Viplav's room was short, but too cute. No "Hi/Hello/Excuse me", straight to the matter "Earrings". xD She killed me. And so did Viplav with his reaction seeing who came to his room And then his sudden "You're welcome" that got his "thank you" later. That was actually cute to show she was going away fixing her earring, that makes her look cuter.
    Surprise toh bola, kab doge woh surprise? Anyways take your time but I am waiting eagerly.
    Take care.

    1. Sujie

      arey…khudko ghajniki choti behen bol dala…no no Shruthy dear…….anyways….glad that you commented… 🙂 🙂
      and itni tarif….how am I gonna digest all these….. I am so happy that you liked the scenes…..
      pyaari si Daadi…akdu sa Viplav..cute si Dhaani…

      yed…i will try doing it soon..but not getting time to post it…homeworks…lab assignments….really occupied…. but i am eager to do it…its just that I am unable to do so… Surprise toh bola hai… and I hope I won’t disappoint my readers 🙂 🙂
      lots of love to you …… take care dear…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Shruthy

      I won’t mind being Suriya’s sister *___* <3
      But seriously, I really thought I have commented earlier. Very sorry!!
      Digest karna padega madam. You have no choice xD
      I loved the episode, and now I am more excited for the next one.
      Yeah. Pyaari si Daadi, akdu sa Viplav, cute si Dhaani, ban gayi ab ek prem kahani. xDD
      Oh I can understand. Mujhe time sometimes mil kar main post nahin karti xD
      Haan but I trust you chister, you won't disappoint us.

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