His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 10)

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A deep but familiar husky voice rang through her ears as she tilted her head confused. Rubbing her eyes with her tiny fists to get rid of the sleep.

Just last night, he had the doctors and nurses shift her to his mansion.

His Mate was out of danger now and seeing her lying on the bed for so long in the hospital was making his wolf antsy.

She thought puzzled, mind still hazy from all the medicines.

About to tuck back the hairs tickling on her forehead, someone else did it for her.

Staring into those intense charcoal, black hues which always seems to pull her into a trance.

Quickly averting her gaze to somewhere else, her head was tilted to face him once again, a firm hold on her chin.

Looking back at the man sitting across her, this time her gaze didn’t faltered for even a second.

There was something in his eyes.

Something different.

Something, that she couldn’t exactly pinpoint her finger at.

“You need to eat, Mate.”
Was the only response she got, before a morsel of food was brought in front of her mouth.

Though she wanted to eat on her own, but something deep inside her told her that it wasn’t the right time for it.

And perched together on the king size bed for the next fifteen minutes, not a single word was uttered to disrupt the uncanny silence.

One would think nothing of it from an outsiders point of view.

A mute girl and a handsome young man. No one saying anything. What’s the big deal?

But everything is not about words sometimes.

Lost in her thoughts she failed to notice him getting up from the bed.

Head down, her eyes held that far away look as she recalled what exactly happened.

A clearing of throat pulling her out of her deep thoughts while sadness clouded over her soft features. Looking up, she was pulled onto his lap like always, but this time she didn’t bother to retaliate. Drained out too much from all the past events.

Her chin was caught into a firm hold, tilted up to meet with a steely, sharp gaze. The girl shuddered as a shiver of anticipation ran down her spine.

“Take your time, I won’t force you to tell me anything until you are ready.”
An understanding reflecting in those orbs as they softened slightly, at the sight of her.

“I was not able to fulfill my promise last time but it WON’T happen again.” Regret flashing in his eyes for a second before it was gone. Replaced by a hard, emotionless stare.

“Now listen clear and listen well Princess.”
Arms tightening around her petite frame, reducing any distance left.

“Try anything like that again and you wouldn’t like the consequences.”
She shuddered. From the warning or the fact that he was tracing his mark on her neck, she didn’t exactly knew.
Mind too foggy to find out.
Lips parting subtly at the tingles that ran through her whole body at the physical contact.

“Am I clear?”
Was it her ears playing tricks on her or did she really heard a teasing tone in his words?

“Huh?!! ”
Nodding her head in acceptance, a kiss was placed right at the sensitive mark as she melt down in his arms from all the wonderful tingly sensation.

The feelings too foreign and overwhelming for her fragile body and mind.

“Take rest Princess.”
With that, she was once again tucked back into the plush king size bed.

The smirk creeping up on the corner of his lips had her cheeks heating up in embarrassment at her own actions as she covered her face shyly with the comforter trying to hide the rosy blush that was slowly making its way onto her chubby cheeks.

“Had I gone too far?”
Wondered Sanskar, pacing anxiously, all the while pondering over his actions prior to a couple hours.

“Stupid human.”
Remarked Virat.
“Didn’t you notice that mate was blushing?”

“Yeah. But-”
Light tapping of feet halted the conversation as he turned around to look over at the intruder.

There was she.

The cause of his worry.

Dressed in a knee length blue sundress, glancing over timidly in his direction under her lashes.

Clearing his throat, he raked over his mind for an excuse, trying to subdue the awkward silence somehow.

“Umm, you look beautiful.”
He complimented genuinely.

“Yeah, sooo beautiful !!” Sighed Virat dreamily inside his head.
“Mate is so pretty. And hot too. I just want to keep kissing her whole day.”
The sentence caused Sanskar to choke as he tried desperately to regain his breath.

“You okay?” Signed Ragini, eyes laced with concern.


“Can I kiss mate now?”
Butted in Virat, once again.

“SHUT UP!!!”
Yelled Sanskar.

“I swear to god, I have been awarded with the most pervert werewolf ever.”

The reply had Sanskar to scoff at the childish antics of his pervert, idiotic, lovesick wolf.

Sighing in exasperation at his stupidity.

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