In those soulful eyes let it be a dream – Part 5

“What are u saying thapki? No ..i wont..”
“Hmm r..right bihan….i have a doubt..usually men learn from mistakes..but you are still not learned any thing!! Strange..!! Wasted 10 years of your life and still ….
Still with those same thoughts?? How long u will be like this?? Away from your family away from me ehh??

” Its not my family..”

“Ohh yes thats fine but say what about me? Say what should i do?”


“Bihan look at me !! Say!”
He looks at her..she was very weak..was deprived of energy..her eyelids were slightly swollen by crying for long time..

” Thapki ,why? Why should i come?
Who needs me who remembers me?”

” No one had even forgotten you bihan!!!”

” tha…”

” Bihan..the b..better way to solve a crisis is facing it..if you run out of it in fear it will worsen only..the crisis is your life bihan..why should u hide youself …without doing any sin?..dont u ever want to know what had happened to bavuji? Want to know who was the real culprit? Dont you?

” Thapki!”

“All answers will come to u..for that you must come with me first”

” But thapki….”

” Thapki is saying right bihan!!” Says pan
“Iam sorry for interfearing in your personal matters..but bhai..i too think she is just go with her atleast to know the truth.”

” Even your friend understands …why shouldnt u bihan…..???”
Thapki looks at bihan for a reply but even now he was hesitated.
Pan tooks bihan to a room corner.

” Bihan , dont be a fool..its your life dont play with it again…”

” Pan what r u saying?”

” You must go with thapki..back to your home”

” Why should i?? I dont even want to see her face again…the lady who spoiled my life”

” Are u afraid bihan!! Afraid to face your mother??”

” Dont ever say that word she doent deserve to be adressed so” bihan fumes…

” Arey bhai…i know your anger thats why am telling you that thus is the better chance”
” Better chance what do you mean??”

” Better chance to take revenge!!”

Anger glitters on bihans eyes…

Bihan starts the bike ..thapki sits beside him ..they both wave hands to pan

Pan mind voice: bhai iam sorry , iam sure that u cant do any harm to your mother but this was the only way i found to save you from current situvation… You will be safe there and no one even can find out you….i may pay the cost of my life but i need you to be safe always…..i also leave here as we planned…so that they will never reach to us again and we could live a safe and secure life…


” I said truth thapki…” He was nervous while saying it
” How d…dare you!! ” Thapki yelled…
” I didnt done any thing wrong” bihan tries to explain..

” Its already too much … have done a lot ….hummiliated a lot..but now i d..didnt even expected such a cheep….. She rises her hand to hit him
But he grasp it tigtly to stop..
” Stop thapki let me….”
“You..” she relieves her hand from his grasp and tooks a divider which was on the open instrument box on the near desk …but his resisting hand felt the sharpness of it edges …all the events take place unexpectedly .
Blood oozed out from the freshly formed wound on his forarm…thapki got stuck by seeing it…

“Aah thapki…what did u done…”

” I was …n..not intensionally…just wanted to fear you by showing it…but…..oh…it is a big cut b ….bihan….iam ….iam sorry…”
Thapki wipes the blood from his hands…
Bihan looks on herwith amusement..he understands that the whole class is looking at them with the same amusement.
” Thapki look at this vedio bihan didnt done any thingwrong..” sakshi ran towards them with a mobile on her hand…

In that vedio it shows a d performance on annual day .. bihan and thapki acts aspairs..the dancers onstage unintentionally gives a jerk to bihan who was dancing with thapki and they both fell just like hugging each other ..
Thapki missunderstands that bihan intensionally done it…she got anger also by knowing that there is already rumers spreading that they are in love.
Thapki called bihan on class room and rest of events happend then.

” Thapki see it happened by mistake..i think you missunderstood bihan”
Sakshi said .

” now do you belive me ehhhh!!!”
Bihan asked her suppressing his anger and pain.
Thapki was stuck…
” I..i…was m..mistaken you….iam sorry bihan…sorry for everything..”.

thapki tries to touch his injured hand with sympathy but he withdraws his hand and goes in anger.
Thapki was disturbed at the whole day
” Maa i w..want to go to pandey nivas”
Thapki said to poonam
” What happened beta?? Why its been night now…”
” Woh maa…”
” Kya huva beta… Tum dono phir se suru kiya he kya?..did u both started quarreling? Poonam asked sarcasically”
” Just a m..misunderstanding ma..” thapki answered without looking to poonams face
” Hmm beta we have already planed to go pandey nivas tomorrow any ways…so no need for going today ??? And Tomorrow u both must compromise to each other ok!! ”
” Tommorow …? W..why ….? And what compramise??
” Arey tomorrow is raksha bandhan..tie rakhi on bihan and dgruvs hands it will be very nice ”
Thapki looked on poonam with a worried face.
The next day
” Thapki dii arent you coming?? ”
Aditi called out
” Come out of bathroom thapki di?? What are u doing there??.”
Thapki was nervous ….she dont even know why she felt so..
” Diii aren’t u hearing me papa nd mama are waiting for u…”
” Beta aditi kya hua? ” Poonam enters…
At the same time thapki opens the door .
” i am not feeling well…shall i take rest??” Thapki asked poonam with a weak voice!!!
” Hey what happened dear?? ” Poonam cames near thapki..
” Woo maa…i…myy…”
” Bolo na…”
Poonam get worried..
” My s..stomach is upset..!!”

“REALLYY!!!!” aditi burst out laughing

“Shhhhhhhh!!! ” Poonam warns aditi
” Then come lets go to hospital..”

” Nai n..nai…ma…not at all a big problem….i…think…i need some rest then it will cure”

” Hmm dont worry beta i will prepare a medicinal drink for you and then u take rest …after that only we go”

” you all can go…i will manage…”
” Are you crazy dii?
We are going for rakshabandhan ceremony and it is incompleate with out you…” Aditi smriked at thapki.
” And ys you have said yesterday that you want to go to there….You take rest beta i will prepare the medicine”

Thapki got disappointed by her tactics didnt worked and stomach upset drama is on vain.
But even she didnt understand why she played such a drama not to go to to bihans home and whats her problem with raksha bandhan.!!

Bihan was on his room
Aditi runs into his room ” bihan bhaiyya…”
” Arey aditi ..when did u came ?”
” Just now bhaiya…lo leejiye aap ki haath..give ur hand” aditi notices bandages on his right hand ..
” Whhat had happened ??”
” Small quarell bw some boys and resulted in…” Bihan beautifully repeated the same lie he had said to family .
“Oh no if i tie this raakhi it may hurt you ”
” Oh no problem my choti sister you can…”
” No bhai ….”
” Then do one thing give it to me i will keep it with me..”
” Hmm ok”
He gives sweets and gifts to her..
” Vese …where is your sister…?? “

“She has gone to see dhruv bhaiya on downstairs”

” I thought she didnt came “

” Quarell again??”aditi asked

“Hmmm a little bit!”

” When u both stop quarreling ?? After u passed the exams ,everything went fine bw u both and you became friends naa suddenly what happened?? Hmmm ook ok…. Then thats the reason…!!
I had doubt on morning itself by seeing her sick drama… You know she is not a good actor…”

” Sick draama? ” Bihan asked in surprise..
” Hmm yes …something was wrong with her…we just literally pushed her to here”
” Is it??” Bihan felt some thing strange inside him…
Aditi smiled …
Thapki came to his door-side…
” Hey…a…aditi dhruv bh..bhayya is waiting for you..go downstairs…”
Aditi looks on her and goes…
Thapki stood there , but bihan dont mind her…..he and she was in a dellema..
Finally thapki decides to get in..
” B..bihan..i know you are angry with me…..”
” you believed i have done it intentionally is it!! Iam not that much…”
” Just stop b..bihan….how long we quarrel ?? Today is a good day u know ”
” Hmm yes you are here for the ritual right..just do it and go…i thought that we became best friends with in a short period even after a big cyclone of quarreling ,but u …..u…believed that i was cheating on u.. intentionally behaved like that..”

” B..bihan everyone makes mistakes in life naa…. We are of course best friends…pls forgive me.. i too had forgiven you for everything u had done to me…like that…plsss”

” Ohh what a logic…ek second..then you are here only for saying this???” Bihan asks raising his eyebrows with anger.

” NO” she replied..

.( Does a thunder fall in to his heart or not??? He felt so)

” Ra..rakshabandhan!!!”

” Whats that i dont know” bihan acts playful but not really was.

Its…its the cer ..ceremony of tieing rakhi to brothers by sisters ..celebrating the bond bw brothers and sisters”
Thapki explains to him just like explaing to a child…

” So what..?”

” n..nothing…”

” Nothing?? ” Bihan asked with surpruse..
” Hmm ..b..but everyone expects me to do so ”
” Then why are u waiting?”
Thapki goes freezed…but don’t know why she was unable to do it( why??? )

” Show your hand ” she said at last .
He streches his hand slowly he was also reluctant …( But whyy???)

” Your hand is injured…’
” Yes”
” If i tie this…”
” It may hurt me”
Some thing glittered in both of their eyes…( What was it??)
” I will k..keep this rakhi with!!”
” Its your wish”

” because u said that it may hurt u thats why “

” Yes its hurts..??”

” I didnt tied it then how??”

” I said about our broken frienship”

” N..nothing is br..broken”

” Is it true?”

” F..forgive me”

” I have already…” Bihan smiles at her …it was more brighter smile than ever before..
Thapki sighs in relief.she was unable to control herself …her feelings
Thapki turns to leave…hiding her blushing face…
” I have heard that best friends share everything on their lives”
” Its t..true..” thapki said with out turning back..
” Then wont hide anything..”
” F..felt so??”
Thapki asked
” Hmm…” Bihan replied.
Thapki becomes nervous…reason unknown for she too…( Strange??!!!)
“W… what did i hide??”
” Your smile…”
Thapki partially turns back and smiles at him ..she runs from there without no reason…but heart overwhelmed..for both…!!!

Bihan meets divaker on school.
” I dont know why i am feeling so”
Bihan said to divaker..
“Hey is it the same u who taunt me when i just said to act like loving her”divaker amused..
” I accept i changed, she changed me a lot …brought lots of positive energy to me…but its all because of her kind heart it not means that…”

” Hm yes..but i dont understand the rakshabandhan day drama seriously ” divaker said..

” That may…”

” May what bihan??”
” There is no gaurenty about it you know..”
” Then ask her!”
” No i may affect our friendship”
” Dont be fool bihan ..clarification is need for you…otherwise when she realize your feelings she may not able to forgive you and you may not able to forget the feelings…dont worsen a relation. Its like a disease early detection is good ” divaker laughs slightly..
Long bell is heard .Thapki was taking her bicycle and about to go , then she notices the tire was punchure..bihan appriches her..
Thapki: bih.. bihan look this , what will i do now?
Bihan: your home is just near na…lets walk and give the cycle to shop for repair..i will come with you..dont worry..
Thapki: then ok come with me..
They both start to walk together .

“Hmmm what bihan??”

” Everything happened so fast he na..”

” Yes ..b….bihan..i sometimes feel that it was soo fast we be..became thick friends…see how ironic it name…she laughs..”

” Come lets relax for sometime in this park ”
They sit on the laun …
” I have something serious to ask to you before that i have something to share with you…the biggest secret in my life.. “

” Are you saying about the reason for why you knowingly decide to fail on exams?? Why u intentionally write wrong ans just to fail..the reason for turn over from the most brilliant student to most unstoppable student?”

” How did you know that i was a good student??” Bihans eyes widened.

” I know it ….pls just stop this topic bihan because what ever may be the reason hurts you and i am not able to watch you in pain..”

” Best friends not just share happiness they also share their sorrows too..i hope we are…”
” We are more than…” Thapki stops abruptly…bihaan gets astonished..
” What did you said?”
” D..dont u felt so…”
” I was about to ask that… But before that you should know eho really i am”

” I w..was unaware but now i know”
” What?? You dont know that thapki …iam an…”
“A..adopted son” thapki completes…
A lone tear appear on his eyes he was on utter shock .
“On that day i came out of your room..kosi aunty was there..she warned me that be away from you and said this secret about you….”
Bihan pressed his both hands against his face …he was in pain.
” She was right go away from me thapki i dont even deserve your kindness..”
” I will come more closer to you …to wipe your tears ..thats why i said we are now more than best friends…
Deep on their heart the feelings for each other was remained untold

(Fb ends)

Thapki runs her finger over the tattoo mark above that scar on his hand

The fern beautifully covers the scar mark…how beautifully u decorated the symbol of our past bihan!! She said to herself…bihan was sleeping peacefully on the train seat beside her ..without knowing the changes had happened after he left his house..
Precap : The confession and meeting .

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